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Top Activites in Melbourne has hand picked the top things to experience while visiting Melbourne Australia. 1. Melbourne Zoo Melbourne Zoo is an internationally known zoo that has recreated a natural habitat for its amazing animals. Every year tourist and animal lovers flock to the Melbourne Zoo to get a glimpse at some of the most exotic animals. 2. IMAX Theatre Experience one of the world largest IMAX movie screen with crystal clear images. Seeing a movie at Melbourne IMAX is more like a real life adventure and is an experience one must do to understand how amazing it really is. Enjoy and make sure to grab some yummy popcorn before the show. 3. Melbourne Cricket Ground Come to the heart of the sports zone where top level Cricket and football games take place. Australian Cricket and football games are an experience in which any sports fan will enjoy.
Top Activities in Gold Coast has hand picked the top things to experience while visiting the breathtaking Gold Coast. 1. Amazing view from Q1. Q1 is one of the tallest residential buildings in the world and attracts thousands of local and international travelers to experience a view that is sensational. From the 78th floor you can see down the Gold Coast as well as the Gold Coast hills. Looking into the ocean, you might be able to spot a school of game fish feeding on top water mackerel. 2. Walking Dawn parade.
Monash University offers students a $6,000 study abroad opportunity    Students have been coming to Australia to study aboard and take advantage of Australia great Universities, academic resources, and amazing travel opportunities. Now Australian Monash University is offering a study abroad program that has been labeled the Monash Passport Opportunity. Monash is offering their students a package deal worth $6,000 to study abroad at its Malaysian campus.
Staying in school pays long term dividends  New Australian research has shown that every additional year of education results in a 10 percent increase in a student lifetime salary. This is bringing a lot of attention to current students or those who are thinking of returning to school. With this new research study, a lot of students can see the benefits of striving for additional education.   A study by an Australian University economist noted that the increased income was almost three times the wages students lost by staying at school.
Increased credibility with Australian Education Graduation Statement Julia Gillard, who is Australia Minister for Education, announced that there will be a new Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement to show off and recognize the high level of qualifications of Australian students throughout the world. The easy to understand graduation statement will describe a higher level of Australian enunciation qualifications. This will be a statement to potential employers and other worldwide educational institutions.

International Education in Australia 
Australia is one of the most unique countries in the world. With over 100 ethnic groups, a low crime rate, and fourteen World Heritage Areas, it is no wonder that Australia's 21,000,000 residents are proud to call the Land Down Under home. Couple this with the growing number of high quality schools and well-recognised degree programs, and it is obvious why Australia is becoming the premiere destination for international education among students, teachers, and other university staff.
Australia is ideal for an international education because of the multitude of top schools available. The history of Australia's universities is actually relatively young, starting in the 1850s when Sydney University and Melbourne University opened their doors. However, the higher education system in Australia underwent a massive transformation in the 1960s, and dozens of institutions opened, providing highly competitive educations. Since then, Australian universities have consistently ranked well in international education, often landing on the top 100 lists from Times Higher Education Supplement and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Many of the universities in Australia have updated facilities, skilled teachers, innovative degree programs, and quality curriculum that is catered to the needs of the modern student.
Australian universities are noted for providing multiple learning options for students. Students can pursue degrees at all levels, including vocational certificates, associate degrees, bachelor degrees, master degrees, and doctorate degrees. This variety makes it easy for students to study in Australia at any point of their educational careers. Of the 460,000 international students in Australia, almost 40 percent are enrolled in higher education programs and just over 18 percent are pursuing English Language schooling.

Schools around the country offer innovative programs in business, engineering, humanities, medicine, tourism, and more. The school year has two terms between November and February, usually with a short summer term in between. For added convenience, there are now opportunities for year-round study with Open Universities Australia, which allows students to study on customised time tables.
Australia also looks out for students as individuals. The tuition fees for Australian universities are relatively affordable, with a bachelor degree costing as little as $10,000 in Australian currency per year. Other degrees have varying costs, with vocational programs starting around $5,000 and doctorate degrees reaching $18,500. These prices are competitive with other universities around the world and other international education programs. To entice more students to pursue an international education in Australia, there are numerous scholarship opportunities available, both from the government and individual schools. Another perk to an international education in Australia is the unique student health care system available throughout the country, which ensures that all students have access to health care.
None of these facts even touch on the appeal of Australia as a country. The outback is highly provocative for many adventuresome students, while others enjoy the underwater beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, which is popular not only for recreational purposes but for those students who wish to pursue various environmental studies as well. Beyond nature, there are thriving cities, which have world class sports teams, chic shopping, cultural attractions, and lively night scenes. All in all, students who study in Australia find just as much off campus as they do in the classroom.
From academic excellence to cutting edge programs, students who pursue an international education in Australia have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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