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Student Adventures: Road Trips in Australia
Australia’s geographical diversity naturally lends itself to incredible, scenic road trips for adventurous students with a few study-free days available to travel the open road. Grab some friends, fill a backpack with snacks and a camera, and set out on one of these four popular Australian road trips.  The Great Ocean Road Australian Student Road Trip Victoria’s world-renowned Great Ocean Road student road trip begins in the coastal town of Torquay, about 90 kilometers southwest of Melbourne. This southern coastline excursion is 243 kilometers from Torquay to Allansford, but there’s no need to pack the drive into a single day.
Top Outdoor Activities in Australia Outdoor sports in Australia are considered a paradise for a lot of local residents and visitors. People link surfing when they think about Australia, but most don’t even know that Australia hosts great Ski conditions in the Snowy Mountains during the winter months. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has some of the best scuba diving in the world.
Dining and Shopping in Australia Australia’s wonderfully warm climate and multicultural background, sets it up to have an attractive dining scene.  Tourists will notice a great selection of bustling restaurants in every major city, ranging from barbecues to gourmet cuisines.  Asian restaurants are extremely popular in Australia, and thanks to its vast coastline, seafood is common dish.It is Australian tradition to be very relaxed and casual, and this can definitely be seen in its dining scene.  Because of the country’s warm climate, outdoor dining found pretty much anywhere you go.
Calling all surfers: Surfers’ paradise in Australia If you love to surf, then you have to visit Byron Bay, which is surfers’ paradise in Australia.  Surfing is not just a hobby or sport for those living at Bryon Bay, but a lifestyle and local passion. The great weather all year round and its fascinating beaches make Byron Bay a destination that fosters a relaxing, easy-going lifestyle.  You can even become part of the “alternative” community which is full of creative people such as writers, artists, filmmakers and producers. You will find Byron Bay at the North Coast of New South Wales in Australia.

Australia Activities


From snow skiing to SCUBA diving, the options for things to do in Australia are virtually limitless. The country is particularly well known for offering a plethora of outdoor activities and adventures, which is one of the main reasons so many travelers flock to Australia each year. Whether they want to catch a glimpse of a crocodile sliding into the water, gaze at awe-inspiring cliffs and waterfalls, experience some of the best surfing in the world, explore the Great Barrier Reef or hit the slopes with their skis or snowboards, visitors are never disappointed with the long list of things to do in Australia.


Australia has a diversity of climate and geography unlike any other country, making it a truly unique location for a vacation or study experience. It is a land where visitors can experience six distinct seasons throughout the year, hike across seemingly endless deserts in search of dinosaur footprints, explore rainforests and partake in sunbathing or water sports on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is home to the world’s longest golf course (Nullarbor Links), the world’s largest reptile (saltwater crocodiles) and the second largest national park in the world (Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory’s Top End), which is filled with Aboriginal artwork and artifacts. It is also where the world’s first full-length feature film was made, where the largest gold nugget in history was found and home to the world’s largest geoglyph, Maree Man. With these being just a small sample of the many unique attractions and sites of interest in Australia, it is no surprise that visitors return year after year to take in more of Australia’s unique distinctive offerings.


The array of Australia activities available for travelers includes the chance to swim with a crocodile, surf in the world-famous Byron Bay, snorkel alongside dolphins, bushwalk through the picturesque Blue Mountains, trek across the Outback on a camel, see animals that are only found in the wild in Australia, climb to the top of Gunwarddehwardde Lookout for some of the most breathtaking views in the world, and learn about Aboriginal culture from the rock art at Nourlangie Rock.


Students looking for quick weekend getaways will find that many of these exciting things to do in Australia can be reached easily from major cities. For those with more time and an adventurous spirit, there is nothing quite like spending a week or two in the Outback or exploring one of Australia’s famous national parks. Of course, one of the great things about Australia is that opportunity for outdoor adventure is always at hand, which allows students and visitors to enjoy a physically-challenging, rejuvenating jaunt in a natural setting at any time. Even those based in cities like Sydney or Adelaide are just moments away from exciting outdoor endeavors.


Less adventurous folks who might not get excited about the idea of bush camping or exploring Australia’s great outdoors will still find plenty of Australia activities to partake in during their stay. Urban adventurers who prefer full days of shopping followed by an exceptional dining experience, a night at the theater and a stop at a trendy club before heading home will find that all of Australia’s major cities provide ample opportunities to partake in their favorite urban activities. There are numerous museums, shopping centers and districts, restaurants and cafés serving multicultural fare, historic and modern theaters, trendy nightclubs, lounges and other entertainment options in larger cities across the country. Visitors will also find many of these options in smaller cities and towns, and are sure to enjoy exploring some of Australia’s quaint villages, particularly those along the coast.


Avid shoppers can choose between high-end boutiques, expansive malls or open markets – like those found throughout Darwin – selling handmade arts and crafts. Those who consider themselves foodies will absolutely love the opportunities to indulge in a wide variety of cuisine while in Australia, particularly if they enjoy seafood and Asian dishes. Of course, while seafood and Asian restaurants are vastly popular in Australia, food lovers will also find menus with dishes from around the world. More adventurous diners may also want to take the opportunity to try out some of Australia’s signature foods, such as crocodile and kangaroo dishes.


Due to its unique geography and cultural mix, Australia offers a variety of experiences that are not available anywhere else in the world. This creates multiple opportunities to have once-in-a-lifetime experiences, even if only visiting Australia for a short time.

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