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MBA Testimonials: Value Stemming from Diversity
Unexpected gainsGraduated from London Business School’s Sloan Fellowship Program, which is a one year MBA for experience managers, Michael Seguro says that you will gain the most lasting value from what you did not expect to learn from your MBA.It was not a financial formula or a strategic plan that gave him the most satisfaction and a memorable experience.“In my program, there were about 40 people and we were all very different because only one or two people from each industry and then four or five people from any one nationality where allowed into the course.” “In my program, there were about 40 people and we were all very different because only one or two people from each industry and then four or five people from any one nationality where allowed into the course.”Mr.

Why Go to Australia for an MBA?


Students come to Australia for a valuable MBA degree, and to enjoy the beautiful country. Suhit Anantula, of Bombay, India, completed his MBA in Australia in 2007. He writes, “One of the great learnings was to establish myself in the university, in the community, making new friends, the workplace, understand a new culture and a new country. This learning will stay with me forever and will make a difference on how I view life now and in the future.”


A Masters of Business Administration from Australian schools includes courses that teach skills needed for solving problems in the realm of business. The combination of theory and practical exercises combine perfectly to equip students for work in Australia or around the world. Theoretical studies include governing, economics, measurements, and psychology, and leadership. Study of multiple disciplines is encouraged, so that expertise can be built in areas such as statistics, or microeconomics, or additional insights into human behavior. These emphases guarantee that the graduate will be prepared for any employment opportunity.


The Graduate Management Association of Australia (GMAA) tracks the top business schools in the country. For an MBA, the following universities received five stars: Deakin, Griffith, Macquarie, and Monash Universities. Also, the Universities of Melbourne, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. For an international degree Griffith rates high, and for advanced studies the University of Western Australia is cited.


The location of Australia can be a big advantage for anyone who is looking to pursue a business career in Asia. Geographically and economically it is part of the Asian world, yet with its historical and cultural ties to western cultures it can offer a perfect opportunity to understand global business. American and European students will find Australia an exciting place to meet people from around the world. Asian students can build bridges which may lead them to careers in the west.


And yet, Australia has developed its own unique flavor, neither Asian, nor typically western. The native people are Aborigines, whose ancestors have lived here for at least 40,000 years. Everyone else is considered a migrant. Since 1788, when the first British settlement was founded, migrants from Europe have flooded to the island continent. Since World War II, more people from the Asia-Pacific area, and Africa, have moved there. The country now prides itself on its multi-cultural population. English is the national language, yet with its own unique idioms.


About 75% of Australians live in urban areas. The country is a democracy, and all citizens are equal under the law, and have the right to free speech and freedom of religion. Such rights create an atmosphere of open learning, so popular with university students.


For those times away from the classroom, there are plenty of great attractions in Australia. The Great Barrier Reef is a World Heritage Site, and is home to many endangered species of wildlife. Scuba diving the reef is a popular activity. Most of the population lives near the coast, and all of the water activities familiar to the seashore are available. Hiking in the various National Parks is rewarding. Australia’s Melbourne Cup is a world-renowned horse race which attracts many people.


MBA program lengths vary from 18 months to five years, with a variety of focus areas. Prospective students can check with individual universities to learn more about the specific programs and requirements. Those who study for an MBA in Australia will come away with a solid grasp of business management principles and a global perspective.

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