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Why study In regional Australia?

If you have lived all your life in a large city and are planning to study in Australia – now is the time to have a real adventure! An adventure that will benefit your studies, and give you a new, enriched perspective on life.

Come and experience quality education in safety and beautiful living environments where fresh air and clear skies will benefit your health while you study and adapt to your new surroundings. 

Live and study in a friendly atmosphere where Australian students and families have the time to make friends with you. Enjoy the experience of being away from large crowded places and make the most of the personal recognition you will receive.

To learn communicative English you need to be in a relaxed supportive learning environment. That is the greatest benefit of studying in a regional language centre.  You will be able to meet people from a variety of nationalities at the centres, be free from the impersonality of the crowded cities and make friends. From Coast to Country, international students are genuinely welcomed as individual people.

The cost of living is comparatively low and outdoors pursuits are in abundance. 

After 2 years of study on a regional campus, students can obtain 5 points towards residency applications.

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