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International Student Visa

If you are applying for a Student visa inside or outside Australia, you will need to meet some general requirements. These requirements apply to all people wishing to study in Australia.

The following are the common documents required by most embassies to get a Visa in order to study abroad in Australia:Australian Visa

1.    Completed Visa Application Form of the country that the student wants to study in.

2.    Valid Passport to travel abroad and a Passport expiration date that is six month beyond your desired length of stay in that country.

    Colored Photographs of you, showing your face without a hat or sunglasses on.  These can be taken at your local post office.  Just tell them that you need to take Passport photos.

4.    Enrollment or Acceptance Letter from the university or college that you will be studying in.

5.    You will need your scores from the following tests if applicable to your university: TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE or GMAT.
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6.    You should bring your most recent grades or graduation certificates if you are going to earn a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree.

7.    If you are going to earn a Ph. D abroad, you should bring your original undergraduate degree and postgraduate degree transcripts.

8.    Others who will be accompanying the student to a foreign country, such as your spouse or children, need to show marriages certificate, wedding photos, and birth certificates in order to prove that there is a relationship with the student/applicant.

9.    Bring financial documents such as bank statements or transaction reports to show that you have enough funds to pay for your education and living expenses.

10.    If applicable, bring a No Objection to study abroad letter from your government

11.    Have a background check report or police report handy to show that you have not committed any criminal activities.

12.    Recommendation Letters from your professors or mentors.

13.    Accommodation Letter which shows evidence that you have a place to stay.

14.    Bring your flight itinerary in order to show your confirmed flight information to and from the country where you will be studying.
Contact your country’s embassy in order to find out exactly which documents are required for you to obtain a Visa.
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