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Australian Student Language Guide
Ever heard the phrase “Shrimp on the Barbie”? We have compiled the ultimate Australian language interpretation guide. Below are popular words and phrases that might not be found in a dictionary, but are commonly used by Australian natives. Study this guide before arriving to Australia and you will fit right in when you arrive.  Ace!: Nice. Good one! Ankle Biter: A toddler or young child. Taken from the idea the child is so small he or she could bite your ankles.Apples (she'll be): It'll be okay. Aussie: anyone born in Australia.Aussie Salute: Brush away flies with the hand.Barbie: A barbecue. (n.)Bathers: SwimwearBail Out: leave, angrily. "Right, I'm gonna bail out!" Beaut(y): Nice, lovely.Bingle: A bad vehicle accident.Bitzer: A mongrel dog. (it's bits of this breed, and that breed...)Bloke: dude, male.

Study Abroad in Australia


The opportunity to study abroad in Australia is an exciting and rewarding one. Australia's wondrous natural resources, internationally accredited educational institutions, rich cultural diversity, and exciting nightlife all make Australia the right choice when pursuing an overseas education.


A World Class Education


A world class education awaits international students who choose to study for a semester or earn their degree at one of Australia's internationally accredited schools.


The University of Western Sydney (UWS) has an enrollment of 32,000 students, including 2,800 international students, per academic year. The University of Sydney, Australia's oldest university, boasts an enrollment of 45,000 students, 8,600 of whom are international. Also located in Sydney, the University of Wollongong has been ranked as one of the top 10 universities in Australia.


Melbourne is home to the University of Melbourne, Australia's second oldest university. Known for its libraries, sanctuaries, and art centers, the University of Melbourne has garnered a global reputation.


Arcadia University in Perth is a high tech facility and is widely recognized as a leader in cultural and natural science educational programs.


One of the fastest growing universities in Australia is Griffith University. The Gold Coast campus is a mecca for those who study abroad in Australia with interests in the hospitality industries, including business, communications, tourism, and media.


Whether you choose one of these fine schools or any of the other internationally renowned institutions in Australia, a first class educational experience is waiting for you.


Outdoor Activities


Australia's unique natural features call to millions of people all over the world. From the outback to the beaches, there is something for everyone.


The Gold Coast has it all, with beaches, national parks, rain forests, and bush lands. Often called the surfer's paradise, the Gold Coast has a mild, subtropical climate, making it perfect for a variety of outdoor activities.


Surfing and golfing are popular activities in Sydney. With an average of 300 sunny days per year and 60 beaches, getting away from the crowd is always an option. Swimming, tennis, sailing, and other outdoor sports are also attractive pastimes.


Melbourne is a fast-paced cosmopolitan city with plenty of picturesque parks full of trees and lakes.


Located in western Australia, Perth offers a home town feel. Surrounded by desert, a short journey takes you to beaches and forests offering a wide variety of outdoor activities to enjoy.


Culture and Night Life


Students who study abroad in Australia will not be disappointed in the rich cultural events and exciting night life that each of Australia's regions offer.


The Warner Roadshow Studios, a theme park, bars, and restaurants are just a few of the entertainment choices in Australia's Gold Coast. Sydney is famous for the Opera House and its inclusive night life. Melbourne is home to several well known sporting events, including the Grand Prix and Australian Tennis Open. Perth's small town atmosphere combines natural wonders with the best of city living, including bars and a variety of restaurants. Brisbane is renowned for its night life. Whether you enjoy a sophisticated atmosphere, a heart pounding nightclub, or a neighborhood bar, Brisbane has just the place you are looking for.


When you choose to pursue your international education in Australia, you can be sure that you have an exciting and rewarding educational and cultural experience to look forward to. From the finest educational institutions, to the natural wonders of the country, as well as the rich cultural and social activities, study abroad in Australia and you will get more than an education.

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