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Tips for controlling your College Finances
As a college student, you will not only have to deal with the stress and pressure of tough exams and research papers, but you will also need to have a good grasp on your finances.The most important question you need to ask yourself is: “What is my monthly budget?” Based off of your answer here, you can figure out how to allot your money.  The basic needs of food, shelter and clothing are the most essential and they need to be considered first.As you shop for clothing, make sure to purchase clothes that will last a long time and that fit you well.  With your meager budget, there is no need to buy many clothes that are fashionable or that cannot be worn to school everyday.By picking your clothes properly, you can portion out your budget elsewhere.  Clothes should only get allotted a part of your budget every half year or once a year.

Overview Of Student Loans In Australia

There are several government student loan options in Australia. Each country offers positives and negatives in regards to student loans and tertiary education fees. While there is no guarantee the rules in each country of how each can benefit you, if you’re considering studying in Australia, it’s important to understand basic government options.


Student Loans/Tertiary Education Fees In Australia


There are primarily three types of loans offered by the Australian government. They all fall under the HELP umbrella. HELP stands for Higher Education Loan Program. It began in 2005, when it replaced HECS. The three types of HELP loans are HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP, and OS-HELP. Let’s go over each one separately.




This type of loan is for commonwealth-supported undergrads. With this type of arrangement, the Australian government will cover the majority of higher education costs. This can include tuition, living expenses, books, etc. Loans can be partial or in-full.


For undergrads that are not commonwealth-supported, they will have to resort to FEE-HELP. This type of loan will only assist with tuition. Up until January of 2009, it was possible for undergrads to have entire tuitions paid. Since that time, this is only possible under unique circumstances. Currently, FEE-HELP can assist with partial tuition fees.




This type of loan is only available to commonwealth-supported undergrads. It is made available for those who wish to travel overseas. It can range from a cash loan to loans to cover expenses.

If you’re a student – or a part/full-time worker for that matter – there’s always going to be a chance you need money right away. Living expenses and outstanding bills can add up. If you ever find yourself in an emergency and need money immediately, you can always get a cash advance. In most cases, all you will need is a post-dated check and proof that you earn over $1000 per month.

Regardless of where you study in Australia, it’s well known throughout the world – and has been proven through various studies – that your odds of acquiring a high-quality job will greatly increase if you have a degree. This fact makes student loans worthwhile. You don’t want to end up looking back twenty years from now, wishing you had earned an education so you could live like the doctor or lawyer next door. If you’re smart, you will take advantage of the student loan programs available to you.

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