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College Text Book Guide
College text books are not cheap. So, how can you save money when buying text books? Here are some tips: Obtain a list of your required books as soon as you register for courses. This can be done by either asking for the information from your professors or by getting a required text book list from your college book store. Start shopping online. There are many Web sites that offer text books for lower than average prices. Given sufficient time, you might find several of your required text books at bargain prices. Go to your local library and ask whether it has your needed text books. Even if your own library does not have your books, it can request those books through inter-library loan. Chances are good that, should even one library have your requested text books, you will get them.

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Savvy Shopping Tips: Buying Course Books


One of the biggest and maybe most surprising expenses that college students face are the costs of their college course books. This is an expense students will be met with very quickly. While attending the first session of each of their classes for the semester student will be handed a syllabus by their professor. On this syllabus will be listed course books that will be required for the class. Some professors may require only one course book while others may require 3 or more course books. As students enter the bookstore and begin checking out course book prices, they may be astounded by the astronomical price of their course books. When these prices are totaled students could be looking at hundreds of dollars in course book expenses each semester.


There are some proactive measures students can take to minimize the effects of course book costs on their bank accounts. Prior to attending their first class, students can ask their professors or their college bookstore for a list of books that will be required for their upcoming classes. By obtaining the list before the first day of class, students will have the opportunity to shop online to find course books at discounted prices. There are many sites online that sell both used and new course books at prices less than those found in college bookstores. Students will need to allow at least 2 weeks before classes begin to find and order college course books online. Shipping can sometimes take several days, and students do not want to be without their course books when classes begin.


Students may also want to check with their local library to see if the required course books they need are available for loan. If the local library does not have the required course books at their location, the student may still be able to obtain the course books they need through an inter-library loan. Students that have questions concerning course book loans through the library can speak with their local librarian for more information. This can be a convenient and inexpensive way to obtain the course books students need for their classes.


In some cases, students may have no alternative other than to buy a new course book at its full price. While students are encouraged to take steps to find course books at discounted prices, there may be some circumstances in which a course book cannot be found at a bargain price. Students should be aware of this fact in order to plan accordingly. Students will most likely be able to purchase a portion or all of their course books either used or at a discounted price. However, if a professors require a newly released edition of a course books this could mean paying full price.


When the average cost of college course books is over $900 each semester, students need to take all of the help they can get. Therefore, at the end of each semester students will want to consider selling their used course books to the college bookstores and online sites. This is an excellent way to acquire the money that will be needed to buy required course books for the next semester. Unless students know they will need the course book in the future, it is best to sell the book and earn some much needed money in the process.

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