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Save on College Textbooks


According to a 2007 Accounting office report, the average student spends $932 on college text books per semester.

Below is top insider tips to save on your next semesters textbooks.

Online book selling sites

Check online for easy price comparison sites such as,, or Make sure to order a couple weeks in advance as shipping is sometimes slow for these types of sites. Fishpond even guarantees that it will beat's prices!

Used Textbooks Electronic Textbooks

Did you know that these existed? Electronic books also known as e-books are a great way to save paper in more than one way! You save some trees and save some money at the same time!

The major players in the textbook publishing business are going green and are now allowing students to obtain electronic textbooks at a cheaper price then a print version. This is new and not all textbooks are available in the electronic version. Please ask someone in your college bookstore for the websites to obtain electronic textbooks.

Think ahead

If you know your going to or have to take a certain course for next semester then you could walk or stand outside of that class on the last day asking students if they will sell there books to you (cheaper then the bookstore price). It is very common to make deals with other students to save each other some money.


get cheap books online

Ask around campus

Ask your friends or classmates if they have had an upcoming class you are about to take and see if they still have their textbook they could lend or sell to you. has a new feature where students can post their textbooks for sale. This is convenient because there is no shipping cost and you can meet up on or near campus to receive the textbook.

Share your textbook

If you have a girlfriend, boyfriend, significant other, roommate or friend that is taking the same class with you and you see them on a daily basis (or often enough to share a book), it might work out for the both of you to buy one textbook for your class and share it. Sharing a book is sometimes beneficial because you have a higher chance of studying together and keeping on top of each other in the course readings.

Ask your professor

Local book store

Check in at your university library to see if they have an archived version available for checkout or review while you are thereA Stack of used text books

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