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Australia RESOURCES Exchange Rates
Please hover your mouse over the currency of your choice and you will recieve the current Currency rates issued buy the ECB (European Central Bank) instantly! 
ECB Exchange Rates on
 May 06, 2017.
Australian dollar AUD         
European euro. Used by 15 memberstates and 6 contries or areas outside the European union. EUR         
US dollar USD         
Swedish krona SEK         
Norwegian krone NOK         
Danish krone DKK         
Icelandic krona ISK         
Estonian kroon EEK         
Lithuanian litas LTL         
Latvian lats LVL         
Bulgarian lev BGN         
Swiss franc CHF         
Czech koruna CZK         
Pound sterling. Scotland and Ireland issues own, diffrent, banknotes. GBP         
Croatian kuna HRK         
Hungarian forint HUF         
Polish zloty PLN         
New Romanian leu. As of 1 July 2005 the currency of Romania is the new Romanian leu (RON). 1 RON equals 10,000 old Romanian lei (ROL). RON         
Russian rouble RUB         
New Turkish lira. New Turkish lira. As of 1 January 2005 the currency of the Republic of Turkey is the new Turkish lira (TRY). 1 TRY equals 1,000,000 old Turkish liras (TRL). TRY         
Canadian dollar CAD         
Chinese yuan renminbi CNY         
Thai baht THB         

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