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The Laptop: A College Student’s Best Friend
As we enter an era when homework is done online and college courses can be completed anywhere and anytime the individual feels comfortable, the laptop has become the college student’s best friend. So what is the best laptop for students?  There is not one laptop that is better then all the rest because there are so many to choose from and they are always getting upgraded.  So here we will be discussing what you should look for when purchasing a laptop. A laptop will be one of your most valuable possessions during college.

What Is The Best Type Of Computer For A College Student?


If you’re headed to college and unsure what type of computer to purchase, the following information might help with your decision. You’re most likely going to have to choose between a laptop and a desktop computer. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. These will be covered below. But before we even get to these advantages and disadvantages, if you’re traveling overseas to study, then there is no reason to waver. You will need a laptop. It’s simply easier to travel with and it will also allow you to prepare and study for your classes while traveling for long periods of time.


The most obvious difference between laptops and desktop computers is size. You’re not going to find many college students walking around campus, hunched over with a desktop computer on their back. However, there are millions of college students throughout the world who travel around campus with a laptop computer. This is especially made easy with a laptop carrying case. Since a laptop computer is a relatively large investment, it would be wise to purchase a high-quality carrying case that you know will last and help protect your investment.


With a laptop, you will be able to transport a small work station anywhere you go. This includes your classes, the library, a café, and of course, your dorm room. In addition to purchasing a good carrying case, since you will be hauling it around so much, you should seriously consider investing in a lightweight model. In many cases, the lighter the weight of the laptop, the more money you’re going to pay. That said, it’s a worthwhile investment. It will save you unnecessary aches and pains.


Another advantage to owning a laptop is that you will have wireless access almost anywhere you go. In other words, you will be saving money. You will not have to pay for internet access like you would with a desktop. High-speed Wi-Fi access is all over the place these days. If you run into a problem, in most instances, all you will have to do is move a very short distance.


These all sound like great advantages, but there are also a few things to be concerned about. The most important concern is that college campuses have a very high theft rate. If you keep a sharp eye on your laptop and treat it like it’s your baby, then you shouldn’t have a problem. However, if you let your guard down, you could see your investment disappear. To protect yourself from this unfortunate event, make sure you get a warranty. A warranty will also help in case you break your laptop. Keep in mind, a laptop is one unit. If you break one piece of it, then usually, the whole unit will become un-operational.


This leads to the advantages of a desktop. First off, they’re very difficult to steal. Not only would a thief have trouble finding the right time to break into your room, but how would they get away unnoticed? Second, unlike a laptop, if a piece on a desktop breaks, that piece is often replaceable for an affordable price. Desktops are also larger, so the keyboards are easier to type on and the monitors are easier to view. And they’re faster.


So, which is a better option? A lot will depend on your personality and what you feel more comfortable with. If you like to take notes by hand in class and prefer to be detached from technology at times, then choose a desktop. If you’re someone who wants easy access to work at any time or anywhere, then you should choose a laptop. And as stated earlier, if you’re an international student, there’s really no question. You’re better off with a laptop.

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