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Student Nightlife in Australia
Along with the many academic advantages of going to school in Australia, students can find many great places to party. Whether you're looking for a relaxing bar, a quieter, artsy atmosphere, a wild club, exotic or themed places, corner bars, or a luxury setting, you can find your new favorite place in Australia! The main areas to party are the larger, more developed ones in Melbourne and Sydney, but I have also included a list of cool haunts in Brisbane. This area has quite a few happening clubs, and the bar scene is unique and varied. My list of top picks is as follows: Melbourne 1. Hairy Canary, 212 Little Collins Street-A Spanish-themed bar. A hands-on food menu, and rare Spanish beer 2. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street-Offers performing arts shows, Balkan music nights, and DJ events. 3. Cherry, 103 Flinders Lane-A loud, dark, rock-and-roll hang-out. 4.

Campus Life In Australia


As an international student, you can look forward to an active and rewarding campus life in Australia. Academics is just a part of a higher education. Equally important is a rich campus life that enriches and enhances the student experience while in Australia.


The Highlights of Campus Life for International Students


Most of Australia's educational institutions offer a comprehensive orientation process for international students. While much of the orientation involves academic recommendations and procedures, also included is information about campus life in general. These orientation programs are essential to learning about the campus and its surroundings. Many of these programs are required, however, it is a good idea to attend those orientation programs which are not required and learn as much as possible about Australia.


Most campuses are home to a variety of student associations, clubs, and interest groups that welcome international students and aid them to fully participate in campus and local life. Typically, there is a general student association for all students. Next, there are specialty associations for those with common interests, such as pharmacy, law or medical student associations. Many schools have federations or associations that are solely comprised of international students. Participation in one of more of these associations encourages students to become deeply involved in campus life.


Several educational institutions have sports programs that students may join. Some of the more popular sports programs include basketball, rowing, and beach volleyball.


One of the most rewarding ways to submerge yourself in the culture is to do volunteer work at the local level. A variety of volunteer opportunities are available, from reading to the blind to helping Australia's wildlife.


A student with a work visa may work up to 20 hours on campus and, for some, working with and getting to know local students and residents adds to their experience of Australia. Work should be secondary to your education, however, and should not interfere with studies.


Getting to know the region you live in while studying is extremely important, but, if possible, visiting other areas of Australia during your stay is a valuable way to learn even more about the culture and people.


Entertainment and Recreation


Campus life is not complete without experiencing the local night life and recreational possibilities available to international students. Australia is a vast, varied country with beaches, the outback, rugged wilderness, and rain forests. Students will often come together and engage in one or more of any number of outdoor sports such as swimming, surfing, hiking, golfing, biking, and boating. There is a multitude of parks, both national and local, where students routinely gather and enjoy Australia's vast outdoor resources.


Each Australian campus has its own night scene that is unique to its locale. Bars, movies, live music, shopping, and other cultural events are plentiful. Sophisticated, elegant, down-home, quirky, and artsy venues are part of campus life where you are sure to find something that fits your tastes.


Getting an education in Australia also means experiencing its culture, learning about its people, exploring its geography, and becoming aware of its history. An active campus life where students engage in a variety of campus activities ensures that international students learn more than academics. They learn about another country and its way of life.

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