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International Study Options
Whether you are a resident of Australia, or an international student considering attending university there, obtaining your college education in Australia is an excellent choice. Australia has much to offer both in- and outside of the classroom, and students who choose to earn an Australian degree have chosen to obtain an education that is respected and revered around the world. Selecting the type of diploma or degree you want to earn and the type of institution you wish to attend is an important step in planning your Australia study experience. The right educational institution for you will be one that you can afford, that is located in a setting you will enjoy, and that offers an educational atmosphere that suits your needs. Here are several factors you should consider when making these decisions:1. The amount of tuition you can afford2.

International Study Abroad Options in Australia


Australia welcomes students from both near and far every year for enrollment in one of its many international study program options. Knowing these different program options will help you tailor your study abroad experience in Australia to suit your individual needs and goals.


Spend a Semester or Year Abroad in Australia


The most well-known option for studying abroad in Australia is short-term study, either for one semester or one academic year, at one of Australia’s many highly regarded universities.


Typically with this option, you technically remain a student at your host university, with the course credits you earn in Australia applied toward your degree at home. Your home university will likely refer you to an approved Australian university for enrollment, so check with your office of international student programs early in your study abroad planning stages to make sure the course credits you earn in Australia will transfer back to your university and allow you to graduate on time.


Earn an Undergraduate or Graduate Degree in Australia


It is also possible to study abroad in Australia for a longer period of time and earn an undergraduate or graduate degree from an Australian university.


Undergraduate degree programs in Australia are completed in three years; Australian universities focus on degree requirements rather than general education coursework due to the assumption that students have completed all necessary general education studies in high school. Since many international students come from countries where degrees are earned in four years rather than three, it is often necessary to have completed at least one year of higher education in your home country before you may enroll in an undergraduate degree program at an Australian university.


Graduate programs in Australia include single-semester studies toward the completion of a graduate certificate, one-year studies toward a graduate diploma and two-year studies toward the completion of a master’s degree. Additionally, international students may earn a doctorate degree from an Australian university, which usually involves three to five years of full-time study and self-directed research.


Enroll in Technical and Vocational Studies in Australia


For more non-traditional yet equally valuable study abroad in Australia, an international student may enroll in a vocational education and training program at one of a variety of institutions. The majority of these practical, career-specific programs focus on hands-on workplace training and they are offered at private colleges, traditional universities, specialty schools and Australia’s public Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutes.


Each vocational education facility will have its own entry requirements, but generally students may be admitted after they have earned a high school diploma.


Vocational program offerings are diverse, ranging from horticulture and business to ministry and culinary arts. Upon program completion, students receive a certification indicating a readiness for the workforce. Some certifications may also be used as credit toward a university degree.


The opportunities for study abroad in Australia are nearly limitless. Studying in Australia can launch your career, bring you a step closer to your degree or even allow you to earn a degree. Visit your home university’s office of international student programs or its career counseling centre to begin planning an Australian study abroad experience uniquely suited to your own one-of-a-kind goals and dreams.

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