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Students today have many more study options than in the past. One exciting opportunity is that of studying abroad. Tertiary education in Australia has offerings in a vast selection of courses and career tracks. In addition, the language of Australia is English, the standard for many global enterprises. Australia has become a country of choice for learning English.
beautiful australia universityAlthough one might think that looking at the academic merits of a university is most important, there are many factors that should be considered when choosing a place to study. Some people are focused in one career direction at a young age and may know exactly what they want to study. For them a school which offers degrees in their field, with good job placement statistics is obvious. For others who are not so certain of their goals a university with a more of a broad educational base might be best, such as a liberal arts college.

For some students, campus life is very important. A school with dormitory living, social and sports programs may be perfect. Many Australian schools also offer farm-stay and home-stay options, where students live off campus with a family, either in a rural or town setting.

Of course, comparing the prices for the entire educational experience is important. Be sure to factor in living expenses, student fees, books, etc. as well as tuition costs. The success rate of graduates for finding jobs quickly should also be a factor in the financial equation.
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One should look carefully at the course descriptions offered for a particular program. Courses with similar names may be very different. For example, one course might focus on history or theory, while another may offer hands-on experiences, labs, or field trips. Consider whether the goal is to understand underlying truths or to learn to accomplish tasks.

It is also important to consider the academic level expected of students. Programs tracked to train college professors may not be a good fit for someone who prefers to work in the business or manufacturing sector.

Australian tertiary education has three main divisions, University, Vocational, and English Language Schools. Whether traditional studies, job training, or improving language skills is the goal, studying in Australia is a great choice. There are approximately forty tertiary schools in Australia offering a broad range of courses of study.
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