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Australia STUDENT LIFE Financial Services Amazing Money Saving Tips for College Students


Amazing Money Saving Tips for College Students

As a college student, you can find yourself in trouble when you get unexpected bills. It is important to be responsible with your finances during your college years. Debt can add up fast in college, so it is good to take advantage of every opportunity to save money. Below in a list of tips for saving money while attending college:

1.    Create a budget and check your finances on a weekly basis. Know how much money you need for your fixed expenses like tuition, gas, books, insurance, rent etc.

2.    Understand your bank charges and fees. Check your online bank statements often and make sure there are no nonsense fees like account keeping fees.

3.    Conduct research to see if you qualify for a health care card that can save you money, medical expenses, and other health related items.

4.    Apply and get an international student ID card. With this card, you can save on different types of transportation and attractions. You can get the international student card at a STA travel office.

5.    Look for trip saving cards or discounts that you can purchase online before you arrive in Australia.

6.    Ride a bike to school and take your bike or metro to work.

7.    Use the back of free photocopy paper or use the back of old notes.

8.    When you get your haircut ask them to cut it short or have a friend cut your hair.

9.    For birthdays and holidays make your own gifts for family and friends. Personalized gifts can mean a lot for someone because they will recognize that you have put time into making the gift.

10.    Brew your own beer and or wine. Learn from others or by informational reading online.

11.    Eat healthy and get enough sleep because becoming sick can cost you a lot of money and lost time.

12.    Go to the supermarket for your daily foods and cook for yourself. This will save a lot as eating out ads up fast.

13.    Look up activities offered by the student union that can offer you cheap and fun recreational activities.

14.    Go to the ticket office for cheap movie tickets and other attraction discounted tickets.

15.    Make sure to return your library books back on time so you don't get charged a late fee.

16.    Turn off your air conditioner and other electrical appliances when your away to save on the electricity bill.

17.    Keep a record of all your transactions to see how well you are spending your money and also to see what you can cut back on to save money.

18.    Keep all receipts and warranties.

19.    Make sure you have car and medical insurance as doctor visits and car accidents can be extremely costly.

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