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Australia Travel Activities Calling all surfers: Surfers’ paradise in Australia


Calling all surfers: Surfers’ paradise in Australia

If you love to surf, then you have to visit Byron Bay, which is surfers’ paradise in Australia.  Surfing is not just a hobby or sport for those living at Bryon Bay, but a lifestyle and local passion.

The great weather all year round and its fascinating beaches make Byron Bay a destination that fosters a relaxing, easy-going lifestyle.  You can even become part of the “alternative” community which is full of creative people such as writers, artists, filmmakers and producers.

Byron Bay AustraliaYou will find Byron Bay at the North Coast of New South Wales in Australia.  It has four main beaches:

1.    Byron Main is the most renown of the four beaches.  Beginner surfers will have a blast here because its smaller waves usually break close to the shore and it has non-stop breaks.  It is also a great place for swimming.

 2.    The Pass is south of Byron Main and it is the next most popular beach.  It is a popular spot for longer boarders who flock to the beach in the summertime to catch some waves.


3.    Watego Beach is somewhat hidden and therefore it is perfect for surfers who want to get away from the mob of people in the summer.  The waves at Watego Beach are the most challenging and therefore this is where the more advanced surfers love to go to see where they stand.Waves in Australia


4.    Tallow’s Beach is the most secluded of the four beaches.  Tourists have not yet ventured to this area partially because it can only be seen from Byron Bay’s headland.  The locals love Tallow’s Beach but you will typically not see any others hanging out there.

Besides surfing, Byron Bay is very popular for scuba diving.  If you have never tried it, you should consider taking lessons from the cities professionally trained staff.  Here you may also be lucky enough to see a whale or family of whales pass by.  In the evenings, dolphins show up and have fun, even swimming next to and with people on many occasions.

If you are looking for a great place to dine on Byron Bay, you have to check out Fins.  There you will find the freshest seafood anywhere and a wine list that will impress connoisseurs.  Fins is one of Australia’s top restaurants.
Surfing with Dolphins in Byron Bay