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Australia Travel Activities Dining and Shopping in Australia


Dining and Shopping in Australia

Main Street Restaurants in Australia
Australia’s wonderfully warm climate and multicultural background, sets it up to have an attractive dining scene.  Tourists will notice a great selection of bustling restaurants in every major city, ranging from barbecues to gourmet cuisines.  Asian restaurants are extremely popular in Australia, and thanks to its vast coastline, seafood is common dish.
It is Australian tradition to be very relaxed and casual, and this can definitely be seen in its dining scene.  Because of the country’s warm climate, outdoor dining found pretty much anywhere you go.  If you are willing to experiment a bit, try some of the bush tucker, which is food from the outback.  Additionally, kangaroo meat has become a favorite dish as well as emu.  Australia is one of the only places where you will find these exotic foods made in many different styles.  There are many other dishes that you may think about trying if you want to have something new.  Try the shellfish called Moreton Bay bugs, the freshwater fish barramundi and Sydney rock oysters.

Nothing will top off you meal better than one of Australia’s fine wines.  Barossa Valley is the largest grape growing region; however, you will find that the popular red and white wines come from vineyards outside Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Hobart.  Interestingly there are some restaurants that have a BYO policy.  This basically allows guests to bring their own wine and drink it in the restaurant.  Although it is not common to tip your waiter as it is in North America or Europe, keep in mind that about 10 per cent tip is standard.

Fine Dining in Australia

Although not well known for its native handcrafts, Australia does have some great souvenirs that are worth taking home.  Other than its great wines, some which are exclusively sold in Australia, the country produces good quality wool and sheepskin products.  Native artifacts like didgeridoos and boomerangs are great presents for family back home.

Those interested in artwork should consider visiting some of the marvelous indigenous artwork that is created by the aboriginals.  Their artwork is becoming one of the best styles in the international art world.  An important thing to remember is the make sure that the artwork is authentic, before you purchase it.

Other fascinating things to purchase that are native to Australia are opals and pearls.  Coober Pedy is a mining town in the south of Australia that produces some of the best opals at great prices.  And the town of Broome, located in Western Australia, is famous for its pearl diving.  If you want to go traditional, you can easily find the typical Australian style souvenirs of necklaces and accessories featuring kangaroos, koalas, and such.