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Increased credibility with Australian Education Graduation Statement

Australian Higher Education

Julia Gillard, who is Australia Minister for Education, announced that there will be a new Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement to show off and recognize the high level of qualifications of Australian students throughout the world.

The easy to understand graduation statement will describe a higher level of Australian enunciation qualifications. This will be a statement to potential employers and other worldwide educational institutions.Award Ceremony with donor

Based on worldwide agreed specifications, the Graduation Statement will be showcased to current and future graduates of Universities and placed within the degree certificates and academic transcripts.

Australia is striving for more top level knowledge and advanced skills to shape the country into a more prosperous and skilled nation in order to compete with other internationally competitive countries.

Some of the benefits of creating an effective Graduation Statement are listed below:

  •   Student awards would be more recognized and easily understood.
  •   Awards and degrees would be respected more from international eyes.
  •   It would increase the number and quality of international jobs for Australian graduates.

The details include having the Australian Government give $3.7 million dollars to publicly assure universities to introduce and use the Graduation Statement over course of the next three years.

The Australian Government has been in extensive talk with the University sector after seeing the process take place in Europe. The outcome has been to create the Australian Graduation Statement with focus on Higher Education.

This has been a positive sign for Australia as a striving nation and shows that the country hosts a world class education system which will also increase its global competitiveness.

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