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Australia INTERNATIONAL home page Australian Education 12.5 billion Exporting Business tops Tourism


Australian Education 12.5 billion Exporting Business tops Tourism


International students in australia


For Australia, education has become a bigger business then tourism and has reached a figure of 12.5 billion dollars which for most is an eye popping number. The only two that top education is the exporting of coal and iron ore.


Melbourne University Student Union has argued and brought some international attention to the fact that international students are being overcharged for school tuition and fees. The student union points out that the heavy rates to study in another county has become a multibillion-dollar industry. International student hands


Student Union President Libby Buckingham criticized the former government for letting universities raise the financial fees on international students. "The reason these students are being brought out to Australia is to pay exorbitant fees," she said. "It's not to build relationships with Australian students, to share knowledge or to create links with our region."


Last year, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there has been an 18% increase from 2006 in international student enrollment ;totaling 450,000 international students.


As some Australian schools are dependent on the international student fees, it will seem hard to cut the current rates in which international students are charged.

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