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Australia INTERNATIONAL home page Monash University offers students a $6,000 study abroad opportunity


Monash University offers students a $6,000 study abroad opportunity


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Students have been coming to Australia to study aboard and take advantage of Australia great Universities, academic resources, and amazing travel opportunities. Now Australian Monash University is offering a study abroad program that has been labeled the Monash Passport Opportunity. Monash is offering their students a package deal worth $6,000 to study abroad at its Malaysian campus.

60 Monash students can be eligible to receive the following:

  •   Free accommodation
  •   Free return flights
  •   $3,500 cash to cover study expenses


Besides the attractive money lure, students will be studying at the brand new Kuala Lumpur campus in Malaysia which cost $80 million to build. Monash University is one of the first foreign universities to build a fully equipped campus in Malaysia and offers instruction in courses such as science, business, and engineering.

Professor Adam Shoemaker of Monash said the $360,000 initiative is realizing the costs of studying overseas, but also the value offshore studying can bring to the University, students, and most importantly, the long term benefits for Australia.

"We don't think that Australia will prosper by sitting around and waiting for the world to come to us," Professor Shoemaker stated.


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"So, we have come up with one of the most attractive exchange packages in the world to encourage our students to complete part of their degree at our offshore campus."

There have been a small amount of universities around the globe who have taken such steps to create a strong international footprint like Monash. The Monash Passport will greatly increase a student opportunities for the future. The Monash Passport will become a big deal on a student resume and employers will automatically interpret that a Monash Passport graduate will have qualities, insights, and international experience that will benefit their company.

Professor Shoemaker noted “This is a very important investment for the future of Australia economy and Australia community and we are working to encourage as many students to take part in exchange programs so that in the future it will be expected, rather than a rare option."

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