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Australia STUDENT LIFE Studying Abroad offers students Personal and Academic growth


Studying Abroad offers students Personal and Academic growth

According to Terry Curran of the Associate Provost of Academic Affairs 62% of this year incoming freshman class at UNCW noted on their application that they wanted to study aboard. Terry Curran said the total national average is 87%. Last year UNCW sent 524 students to study abroad, which is the largest number since the school start. Denise DiPuccio has seen students interest double from the last 10 years. If you are interested in studying abroad, make it a goal of yours to build up your savings and have education as your top priority.

          Carly Francis who is a junior at North Carolina studying business just came back from an amazing semester studying abroad at Port Elizabeth located in South Africa. Students travel abroad for many different reasons. F rancis says you are going to gain experience whether good or bad.   At first studying abroad can be challenging. For example, a couple of Carly teachers did not provide books. Another incident occurred in Math class when the teacher said naught point two, later she realized that naught meant zero.     Students return with more confident. They can negotiate different situations and can accept differences," said UNCW's Denise DiPuccio of the International study program. "I've seen young women go away and they're shy. When they come back, they walk into my office and they're assertive and confident. Study abroad is, in my humble opinion, the most life-changing experience a student can have," said DiPuccio.

MBA degreeStudent Life in Australia
When it comes to studying abroad in Australia, academics is only half the picture. International students choose Australia not only for the high quality schools, but also for the unique cultural experience. While students prepare for time overseas, they should spend some time thinking about how to ensure the best student life experience possible.

The first major decision that affects student life in Australia is housing. International students in Australia have a variety of housing options, and housing is usually set up through the university or a study abroad program. International students should carefully consider their housing options. On campus housing allows students to have immediate access to student clubs and academic resources, which is not only helpful for studying purposes, but can also help students develop relationships. Even if students choose to live off campus, all international students in Australia should be sure to live close enough to campus to easily partake in classes, activities, and clubs.

International students in Australia, whether on campus or off campus, should also prepare themselves for a roommate. Having a roommate can help international students make connections and venture out, which can be a quintessential step in experiencing student life in Australia. For some tips to have a successful interaction with a roommate, consider the ideas listed Student Life in Australia.

Though housing has a significant impact on student life in Australia, nothing is more important than the student clubs available on campus. All schools and universities, no matter how large or small, will have a number of student organisations. These clubs can range in focus, from simple study groups to specialised activity clubs. In this way, students can join clubs that explore outdoor activities such as surfing, rowing, or cycling. Many schools will have information on clubs during orientation, and most international students will receive details regarding clubs as part of their welcome kit.

Student life in Australia benefits greatly from university activities. These activities will vary from school to school, and can include everything from special guest speakers to group mixers. Students can even participate in group sporting opportunities, either casually or competitively International students can use these activities as a way to not only meet new people, but to experience the culture of the school. Most schools will advertise upcoming events on their websites.

The universities in Australia have much to offer students, but international students in Australia need to remember that some of the best experiences can be found off campus as well. Australia is a thriving, vibrant country, with culturally rich cities and awe-inspiring natural wonders. Therefore, to truly appreciate student life in Australia, international students need to take the time to explore everything this diverse country has to offer.

This pursuit can begin in any of the cities around the country. Australian colleges are located in cities throughout the country, so students have the chance to experience a distinctive slice of the culture no matter where they are. From the sunny southern coast, to the Asian influenced northern side, each area has much to offer. Cities such as Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney have plentiful dining and shopping, reflecting the rich cultural heritage in Australia. Many major cities also have museums and cultural attractions. There are a number of professional sport teams around the country, with notable leagues in rugby, Australian rules football, and more. More information is available at: Shopping in Australia.

Beyond cities, Australia has a plethora of other opportunities for international students. The unique Australian landscape gives international students the chance to experience some of the world's most spectacular natural wonders. In addition to beaches and mountains, there are also notable attractions such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Outback. Students can arrange tours of the Outback or guided trips to the Great Barrier Reef, both of which can offer once in a lifetime experiences. For more details on adventures for international students in Australia, peruse the options in our article Outdoor Activities in Australia.
To help make the transition, all international students can consider more tips here: New Students.

When it comes to getting involved in the student life in Australia, it is important for international students to remember that the only wrong choice they can make is to not get involved.

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