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Australia STUDENT LIFE Academic Resources An Experts Guide to Selecting Courses


An Experts Guide to Selecting Courses

How To Choose a Course.

Picking a course to study is very difficult for many prospective Australian students. Every course is different, from the diversity of the subject matter, the diversity of students in the class with you, and the future job opportunities that could come out of the course that you complete. The following points are things to take into consideration when thinking about what course you want to apply for:

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  • Research: Be sure to conduct research and think about what you will be learning.

  • Subject matter: Study something that you have an interest in.


  • Course Work: Different programs range in the amount of course work assigned to students. Learn how and what kind of learning will be taking place. For example, is your course research intensive or math intensive?
    A student points to a course they are selecting.


  • How long is your course: Diplomas take around two years and bachelor degrees take around three to four years. As far as going for double degrees, honor courses, and part-time programs, these will take longer to complete.

  • Study Abroad opportunities: Does your course or future school allow you to study abroad or host exchange programs?

  • Course and School Quality: Besides the subject matter you should strive for a school that has experienced and recognized teachers and programs.

  • Entry difficulty: Competitive courses are harder to get accepted to and have tough criteria for admitting students. Find out the different levels of criteria from various courses and schools.

  • Course/School Cost: One of the most important things to look at is whether or not you can afford your course and all the other additional costs that go along when attending school. However there are many financial aid options where a student can pay back their loans after they complete their degree. Estimate how much debt you will have after graduating.

  • Future job opportunities: Courses like dental and hotel management pretty much set you up to get a good job within that field of work. Courses in arts and philosophy have a broader job opportunity.
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