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Advice for taking the TOEFL Speaking test

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TOEFL Speaking Guide:

Recording while practicing

It is a good idea to record yourself speaking when preparing for the TOEFL test. Make notes of how and when you stress words or phrases. This is an extremely useful and effective method to improve your speaking skills because you can play back the tape to see what does not make sense and what needs to improve. Have others besides yourself review the tape and ask for feedback. Try to speak clearly and pronounce words in their proper context.

                                                   Preparation for integrated Speaking

International Student on laptopA good way to study for the integrated speaking section of the TOEFL is by picking a topic and then locating listening material that is similar to the topic you picked. Create a basic outline while you read and listen to the article. This will help you connect what you read with what you heard.

English Speaking Friend

One of the easiest ways to increase your skills in English is to practice English with a friend who is fluent in English or a native English speaker. Also look at maybe joining an English club. If you have a budget you can pay for an English tutor.



Practice Speaking English

Find a native English speaker and talk to them about something that you both have an interest in talking about. For example, you can talk about sports, personal experiences, or where you have traveled to. Before you talk to a native speaker, it is a good idea to practice what you want to talk about.

Increase Scores on TOEFL Speaking Test

To enhance your language learning and reading skills pick up an English publication or visit English websites that you are interested in such as a sports or entertainment websites. Read English-language textbooks or magazines. All these ideas and suggestions above will help you out a lot in the long run.

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