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Australia Travel Transportation Car Rental Guide for Australia


Car Rental Guide for Australia

Kangaroo Sign in Australian OutbackDriving along the australian ocean and outback

Australia is a perfect place to explore by driving around and examining the country by vehicle. Australia hosts open terrain consisting of some of the most diverse and exotic wildlife in the world.

If you plan to vacation in Australia renting a car is a superb idea. You will be able to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. You can ride around the outback and enjoy an array of wildlife or you can travel down the coastline taking in the coastal beauty. Either way you are sure to have an amazing time.
There are rules that you must know before renting and driving in Australia, but first let’s take a look on how to get a rental car in Australia.

Car Rentals in Australia
The best and most convenient way of renting a car in Australia is by getting one though your hotel or at the airport. Most hotels work with car rental companies and can tell you what one you should go with depending on your destination and length of the rental.
Large and small known car rental companies are available in Australia and are listed below:
•    Hertz
•    Budget
•    Avis
•    Red Spot
•    Europcar
•    Apollo
Drive through the australian forest in your rental car Try to set up and arrange your rental car before your trip, so that way you can sign for the car at the airport when you land and you will also save on money not having to take a taxi from the airport to your hotel.
Driving around Australia
One of the most important things to remember is to be aware that Australia is set up for driving on the left side of the road. Also realize that some destinations can take hours to get to. It is important to have the following when driving in Australia:
•    Spare tire
•    Drinking water
•    First aid kit
•    Road map
•    Compass
•    Cell phone

Do not blast music or look back and forth while talking to a passenger. Focus and keep your eyes on the road as there is a lot of wild animals that might be close by and could wonder onto the road at anytime.

The speed limit is strictly enforced in Australia with cameras used in most metropolitan areas so remember that the speed is measured in kilometers rather than miles. In addition, if you're heading into a rural area, (1) phone the police to let them know where you are at and where you are heading and (2) always check the weather forecast before you go. Many dirt roads can be overcome with rain water and actually turn into mini rivers, effectively cutting off entry or exit.

Follow the camera enforced speed limit at all times. Most camera ticket enforcers are in metropolitan areas of Australia. Don’t speed in the open roads even if there is nobody else driving on them because some police use radar speed detectors in remote areas.