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Australia Study English Private English Language Programs in Australia

Private English Language Programs in Australia

To help in the search of an Australian English program we have listed below some benefits of private English language programs:

1. Private programs oftentimes present an immersion aspect that is tied to their studies. Students may be placed into small groups and introduced to the spoken English at a number of cultural and educational venues and events. With the help of the instructor, students of the English language engage in more and more compelling conversations with Australians in natural settings. This eliminates the use of wooden and unrealistic book dialog that has little bearing on real life interactions.

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2. It is interesting to note that private English language programs succeed in attracting the most highly skilled educators from a wide array of professional backgrounds. Rather than forcing applicants to conform to academic teaching styles, these seasoned professionals tailor their styles and also the speed of the instruction to the individual needs of the students. In spite of this crucial benefit, these programs are generally a lot cheaper than comparable university level classes that fail to provide even a modicum of the personal attention that private programs offer to the student.

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3. Private English language programs in Australia can be connected to separate home stay programs. Private language instructors may be able to assist an interested student in finding a home stay program to further the immersion aspect of the studies and help speed up the learning as well as heighten the level of comfort the student develops in learning the language. It also forces the willing student to not congregate with speakers of his native language, but rely on new found language skills to meet all of his needs.

There is little doubt that Australian university programs offer excellent academic teaching; unfortunately, they lack the personal aspect of teaching English that is so germane to not only learning the nuts and bolts of a language, but actually developing a deeper understanding of nuances. This need is met head-on by private English language programs.

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The best way to learn a new language is to be immersed in it. For this reason, students from around the world who wish to perfect their English skills often choose to study abroad. While there are other countries around the world that offer English language instruction, none of them can match the quality schools and experience of Australia.

There are many reasons to study English in Australia. There are over 240 schools that offer programs to study English in Australia. These schools are positioned in regions around the country, from the beautiful southern coast to the northern areas near southeast Asia. These schools range in size and specialty, with everything from large universities to smaller schools, ensuring that there is a school for any preference. In 2008, there were over 125,000 students enrolled in study English Australia programs, a number consistently on the rise, with a concentration of international students from areas throughout southeast Asia.

The opportunities to study English in Australia are renowned worldwide thanks to the English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) system in place throughout the country. Many schools that offer English language programs to international students are accredited by ELICOS, which guarantees that students will receive approved curriculum from high quality teachers. ELICOS also works to standardise small classes sizes, convenient housing options, and meaningful cultural activities for students. For schools that seek to go the extra mile, there is the English Australia group. Schools with membership to this elite group have top of the line English programs to ensure that the education provided will be of the utmost quality.

Many of the study English Australia programs are catered to specific learning goals. Students who study English in Australia can do so for generalised English instruction, or they can focus on more specific goals, such as future study abroad experiences, career aspirations, or secondary school preparation. There are even programs for test preparation that help students master the language for proficiency exams such as the International English Language Testing System and the Test of English as a Foreign Language. These programs can range in length and depth, with some options lasting as little as four weeks and other enriched programs offering up to forty-eight weeks of study.

Unlike some study abroad options, English programs in Australia can be completed in a variety of time frames, which allows students to take advantage of the well designed visas in Australia. Students can study in Australia in as little as twelve weeks on a visitor's visa, which is relatively hassle free to obtain. For those looking for a longer course of study, there are working holiday visas, which cover students for up to seventeen weeks. For those who wish to study English in Australia more extensively, a student visa is the best route. Though the process is more extensive, the perks for a student visa in Australia are noteworthy, including health care benefits and part work options.

In addition to the quality schools, the flexible learning programs, and the ease of access, those who study English in Australia discover that learning a language extends beyond the classroom. The study English Australia experience is enhanced by the other opportunities in Australia, including on campus activities and off campus recreation. Students who study English in Australia can experience the vibrant cultures throughout the country, and can enjoy the plentiful recreational options. From natural wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef to cultural attractions such as museums, students in Australia can learn the language through interaction with native speakers for the best possible experience available anywhere in the world.

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