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Why are Australia brightest research graduates leaving Australia?

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Some of the brightest researchers from Australian universities are being lured to work overseas due to lack of opportunities for quality jobs in Australia. Additionally, Australian researches are getting a higher salary for overseas jobs compared to similar local jobs.

Flinders University deputy vice-Chancellor Chris Marlin will address this issue to the federal parliamentary inquiry in Adelaide on Wednesday and propose a 50 per cent increase in income for research students.

"Some of our best and brightest have among the worst job prospects, making a research career unattractive in relation to other options."

Australian Research StudentsMarlin states that the result of the 50 percent increase would keep their bright research students to stay and work in Australia rather then working overseas which would keep Australia at the leading edge of research. This is important for the future of Australia and its economic growth.

"It is time to rethink this whole system and assist universities to give job security to those pursuing a research career."

Marlin noted "Increasing the scholarship value by around 50 percent, while maintaining tax-free status is very likely to have a significant influence on demand from Australian students."

Not having good job opportunities for your best and brightest research graduates is a scary thought for Australia when thinking of the major impact it can have on the country long term economical growth, security, and national defense to name a few.

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