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Australia ADMISSIONS Financial Aid Scholarship and Financial Aid Options for International Students


Scholarship and Financial Aid Options for International Students

The majority of international students who come to Australia to study pay the full fees themselves. There are options, however, for students who are unable to afford the fees on their own. Financial aid and scholarships opportunities are available to students who meet the requirements.


Australian Scholarships

There are a variety of scholarships offered by the Australian government, individual educational institutions, and other organizations that target specific fields of study or students from particular world regions.

Managed by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) and the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR), Australian Scholarships include:

1. The Endeavour Awards: The Endeavour Awards is a competitive, international, merit-based scholarship award program run by the Australian government for students of the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions. With an emphasis on study, research, and professional development, the Awards give students the opportunity to advance their professional or academic careers. A limited number of Awards are open to European and American students.

2. Australian Leadership Awards (ALA): Specifically for students who are in a position to positively impact social and economic conditions of their home countries, ALAs are postgraduate scholarships that allow students to focus on specialized research. Students who are granted an ALA are required to return to their home country or region for at least two years after study completion.

3. Australian Development Scholarships (ADS): Geared toward arming students with the skills to aid governance, human development, and economic growth in their home countries, ADS gives students the tools to make positive changes. ADS provides opportunities for students in underdeveloped countries to study full time in Australia in undergraduate or postgraduate studies.

In addition to scholarships, the Australian Leadership Awards (ALA) offers Fellowship programs which
are intended as short term study opportunities for research and learning. Available Fellowships cover a range of fields, including development, education, economic growth, environmental issues, food safety, gender equality, government, health issues, human rights, agricultural and rural development, clean water and improving sanitary conditions.

Other sources of scholarships include charitable organizations and educational institutions. Most of these must be applied for in the student's home country.

Some scholarships assist students in paying for travel and living expenses as well as for educational expenses.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to some international students. Many countries offer governmental financial aid that may be used while studying in Australia. Aid must be applied for and granted in the student's home country. General requirements for being approved for financial aid are:

1. Demonstrated financial need.
2. Citizen or eligible non-citizen of the country.
3. Be enrolled as a student at a specific percentage (varies).
4. Maintain a satisfactory academic record.
5. Not be in default on any other federal loan.

Students should meet with a study abroad adviser to ensure that any federal aid they have been granted will transfer to international study programs in Australia.

Australia's outstanding reputation as a world class educational center along with its unequaled beauty and unique cultural diversity make it one of the most popular destinations for international students. A scholarship or a financial aid loan may open the door for lower income but academically gifted students to study in Australia.

Affording the Dream: Australia Financial Aid

Although studying abroad in Australia is often one of the most affordable options for international students, it still comes with a certain price tag. Between tuition, books, and living expenses, international students do need to think about how they will pay for their study abroad experience. However, the cost should never deter any student who wishes to enhance their knowledge by studying in Australia. The key is to understand what Australia financial aid options are available to international students.

Applying for financial aid can be somewhat more difficult for international students, but it is possible as long as these students know where to look. Students with demonstrable financial needs can often receive some form of financial assistance form their home governments to help subsidise a study abroad experience in Australia. In this way, students should first see if they qualify for this type of subsidised international financial aid, which is usually offered to students with fewer strings attached than other types of aid. It is important to make sure that the Australian university of interest is eligible for this type of study abroad financial aid, since not all foreign universities may be approved for international financial aid.

Beyond this type of study abroad financial aid, students may wish to pursue scholarships. There are a number of scholarships available for Australia financial aid, many of which are geared specifically to support international students studying in Australia. These scholarships may be offered through the student's home country, while others may be offered by international organizations or Australian schools themselves. Students interested in scholarships should contact their school of interest and check out various online international financial aid databases. These resources are designed to help students get connected with scholarships they need to finance their education in Australia. Students should also remember to keep looking for scholarships even after they have started their education. Some scholarships and other Australia financial aid options are offered only to students in their second or third year of studies.

Another type of Australia financial aid is a student loan. These loans are available to students who do not qualify for subsidised international financial aid. Students should check with their home governments to see what options are available and what requirements must be met to apply for this style of loan. When applying for a study abroad financial aid loan, students need to look seriously at the amount and length of the loan in order to ensure that the long term impact will not be too difficult to manage.

Though these international financial aid options can be completed prior to beginning the coursework, there are other options for study abroad financial aid that are more work based. Students who choose to study in Australia on a regular student visa should remember that they are eligible to work part time. This part time work can be a wonderful way to help earn a little extra money during a study abroad experience, and can also be a unique opportunity to understand the Australian culture better. Before applying for any part time job, however, students need to look carefully at what kind of visa they hold and what working restrictions may apply to them. Students who do not have a student visa and who are studying for a shorter period of time are likely not eligible to work during their time in Australia.

Many students will use a combination of international financial aid options, relying both on student loans as well as scholarships when possible. Spreading out the study abroad financial aid can be a smart approach, especially if students do need to apply for student loans. Part time work and scholarships can reduce the amount needed in student loans, which can have an important reduction in the long term impact for students. Therefore, when considering Australia financial aid, it is essential that students keep all their options open and be vigilant to pursue all possible avenues.

Overall, students interested in Australia financial aid have multiple options, making it easy for students to get the financial support they need. Because of this, no student needs to shy away from an exciting study abroad experience due to money. With international financial aid options, students can get the money they need to pursue the education of their dreams.

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