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Information on Special Tertiary Admissions Test

Prospective students who are 21 years old or older before January 1st of the year that will be applying for admission may be eligible to apply for the STAT. The STAT stands for Special Tertiary Admissions Test. If you pass the STAT you will gain special entrance admission into the prospective University. You cannot apply if you have earned or completed an AQF diploma or another higher level award from any Tertiary Institution, TAFE, or University. Also if you were enrolled and studied in a schooling program that leads to a higher education diploma, certificate, or award within the last three years you will disqualify for the STAT if you finished more then one full-time year of study. The STAT (Special Tertiary Admissions Test) is a two hour long testing period. Some Universities or programs that accept the STAT for admission entrance might also consider students past employment experience. Their has also been stories of students gaining admission through their written personal competency statement. All entrance forms and options are listed in the SATAC Guide located at STAT Testing: The STAT test are held every year in different centers in Southern Australia, Adelaide, and the Northern Territory of Australia. Applying for Universities and taking the STAT should be done either midyear or at the end of the year. The STAT test has 70 multiple choice questions that will test student’s critical thinking skills and how well they can make sense of different types of material presented to them in various types of questions. Along with the multiple choice there is also a one hour written English test. The STAT is administrated in the tertiary centers in each State. For more information, details, forms, or to contact the STAT please visit them at:  

Australia Admission Tests


To study in Australia, international students need to be able to prove their capabilities. For this reason, almost all study abroad opportunities in Australia require prospective students to complete some form of an international admissions test. The testing requirements are likely to vary for each college and, more importantly, for each area of study. Therefore, international students need to understand what Australia admission test may apply to their study abroad plans.


Almost all universities will require an English proficiency international admission test. One of the best known English Australia admission tests is the Test of English as a Foreign Language. Known as TOEFL, this test has been designed for students who plan to work or study overseas. Many governmental programs worldwide utilise TOEFL, and it is a well respected international admission test. Over 23 million students have taken TOEFL, and the comprehensive exam includes sections in reading, listening, speaking, and writing.


In addition to TOEFL, some students may be allowed to take the International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, as their Australia admission test. In recent years, IELTS has gained in popularity, becoming the most commonly used English proficiency exam in 2007 with over one million students completing the test in a single year. Though it has similar sections to TOEFL, IELTS has a different grading system which labels students in "bands." These bands range from 0 to 9 and rate the student's proficiency with the language. In this way, students who complete the IELTS will be rated as a non-user of the language to an expert user. Individual colleges will have their own score requirements for prospective students to meet.


These tests are both designed to ensure that students are ready for the rigor of studying abroad. Some students may be able to substitutes various letters of recommendation or other scores in place of this type of Australia admission test. Students who struggle with the language may face difficulties both socially and academically, which can be a huge detriment to a study abroad experience. This type of international admission test will help ensure that students will have the best experience possible when studying in Australia.


English language capabilities are not the only international admission test that most schools in Australia require. Australian schools also want to see that students have developed a strong core of knowledge, which is why other standardised international admission tests are often required. For some students, this might include the ACT or the SAT. These standardised tests are designed to gauge students in various subject areas. They also provide a glimpse of a student's critical thinking capabilities and deductive reasoning skills. Students will likely be able to submit a score from either test, although some schools may specifically require one or the other. Students from outside the United States may have to submit scores from other similar tests to demonstrate their abilities and knowledge level.


Students who wish to study in Australia need to first understand which international admission test they are required to take. To determine this, students should check with the university they are interested in. It is important that students are looking at the requirements for international students in order to be sure that they are gauging the correct requirements.


From there, students may wish to spend some time preparing for their Australia admission test. Australia is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for study abroad experiences, which means that prospective students are likely going to meet with some stiff competition. International admission test scores are only one part of the application process, but anything that can be done to make the application stand out is certainly beneficial. Students can improve their Australia admission test grades by taking preparatory courses or completing respected study guides.


Obviously, students need to spend some time researching which Australia admission test they need to take. The good news is that most of these tests can be taken multiple times to improve a score. It is also important to note that many schools will accept the same tests, so it is possible for students to apply to more than one school with the same batch of test scores. No matter what path students choose, an international admission test is one piece of the puzzle needed to make an Australian education come together.

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