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Completing your Undergraduate study in Australia

YOU should definitely consider getting your undergraduate degree in Australia.  It is a great place to work and study.  Additionally, international students should strongly think about getting a student visa and studying in Australia.

 Australian Undergraduate Students

•    A Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree will be issued to those students who complete their undergraduate course of study. 

•    Eligibility to gain admission into an Australian university in order to complete your undergraduate study necessitates an Australian Senior School Certificate of Education or an overseas equivalent documentation from your high school, notifying that you have graduated. 

•    There are pre-requisite subjects that some courses may require.


•    In order to meet academic entry standards, some universities provide preparatory studies, known as bridging or foundation courses.

•    It is strongly suggested that international students inquire your study abroad counselor about the admission requirements for certain courses prior to applying.

Getting your Bachelor's Degree

•    Studying full-time for 3 to 4 years
•    You will gain knowledge and skills to work in your industry of choice.
•    You will have the freedom to chose any major or specialization that you wish to pursue.
•    Completing your bachelor degree will give you the opportunity to pursue advanced studies down the road.

Getting a Bachelor with Honors

Students should achieve strong results in their Bachelor’s degree in order to be considered for an Honors program.  Students who have their eyes set on higher research are typically required to complete an Honors degree.  Those students that want to lengthen their education with research experience or thorough study of a certain issue must complete an Honors year after receiving their Bachelor’s degree.  The Honors year is generally a combination of course assignment and research projects.

Receiving a Certificate

Certificates can be typically completed in one semester of full-time study or you study part-time for 1 or 2 years. A Certificate is a credential one receives stating that he or she has specialized skill in a particular industry or profession.  A lot of certificates only need the student to complete Year 10 studies, but certain certificates need you to have more advanced studies completed.

Receiving a Diploma

 A Diploma is usually more intensive than a Certificate, but still provides skills and knowledge directly relevant to workplace activities. Diplomas generally require a completion of Year 12. A Diploma typically requires the student to have more intense studies than a Certificate. To get a Diploma, you usually have to complete Year 12 of study.




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