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Australia Travel Transportation Different Types of Rail Passes Available for Australia Travel


Different Types of Rail Passes Available for Australia Travel

Amtrak Train Next to OceanYou can purchase Rail passes for state or regionally travel. Railway systems have their own railway passes, but a lot allow traveling on multiple railway systems.

Austrail- is an economy class pass that allows you to travel anywhere on the entire rail network. This pass includes all metropolitan systems. The Austrail pass has to be used over consecutive days. Durations include 14, 21, and 30 day travels plans.  This pass must be purchased before you arrive and travel in Australia. Australian residents cannot purchase this pass.

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Austrail Flexipass -  A flexible economy class travel pass with time ranges of 8, 15, 22, or 29 days within 6 months. The only real restriction is with the 8 day pass that does not allow you to travel between Adelaide/Perth or Adelaide/Alice Springs. Again Australian residents cannot purchase this pass. You must also buy this pass before coming to Australia.

East Coast Discovery– One way travelling between cities. For example Melbourne to Sydney or Sydney to Gold Coast/Brisbane. This pass includes unlimited stopovers within 6 months of traveling on the Countrylink and Queensland rail systems.

New South Wales Discovery- Includes a one month economy class on Countrylink. This is good for trains to Canberra. The only downside is that it does not include CityRail suburban rails.Inter Rail Logo

Southern Discovery- This pass is good for 28 days of unlimited traveling to Westrail trains south of Perth and Kalgoorilie.

Sunshine Rail- This pass has unlimited travel for the Queensland Rail network. The duration is 14, 21, and 30 days. There are first and economy passes to purchase. This also includes CityTrain suburban services.

Sunshine Road Rail- This pass has 10 days of travel in a total of 60 days or it offers 20 days travel within 90 days. This pass is for Queensland Rail long distance and also McCafferty’s coach travel within Queensland.

Victoria- This pass is good for 14 days of travel on all of the V-Line and West Coast Railway trains and connecting trains. This pass does not include Melbourne suburban trains. There are 7 day passes to purchase only for foreign passport holders.

Rail passes can be bought from different travel agencies or online websites. Passes differ in prices as it depends on what type of pass you buy.

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