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Australia STUDENT LIFE Health The top 10 snacks that will keep College Students Energized


The top 10 snacks that will keep College Students Energized

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It is very common for a college student to have class right after each other, leaving very little time to have a real meal. Therefore, a lot of college students depend on snack that can easily be carried around and eaten on the way to their next class.  The problem is that most student tend to lean toward candy bars and chips as their source of snack.  This is not only an unhealthy option but it can also be very expensive.  We have put together a list of 10 affordable snacks that are healthy and easy to carry around in your backpack.

Nutritious and Inexpensive College Snack #1: Power/Granola Bars
This is an excellent snack because it is very easy to carry around.  They are also very health because they are filled with many vitamins and nutrients.  These bars can also keep college students full until they have time for a real meal.

Nutritious and Inexpensive College Snack #2: Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich
The protein in peanut butter makes this snack very healthy and it is a favorite because it is simple to make and inexpensive.  If you really want to be on the healthy side, use whole wheat bread instead of white bread.
peanut butter and jelly sandwichmixed nuts
Nutritious and Inexpensive College Snack #3: Trail Mix
An easily portable snack is trail mix, which consists of a wide array of nuts, seeds, dried fruit and even chocolate.  You can even make your trail mix at the supermarket, so that you can pick and cho
ose your favorite nuts.

Nutritious and Inexpensive College Snack #4: Mixed Nuts
Another protein-filled snack is mixed nuts.  They are healthy for you and they do a great job of keep you full.  You can consider buying roasted peanuts if you are looking for something more affordable.  Additionally, keep in mind that it is cheaper to purchase a larger container and just portion out what you will eat in a zip lock bag.

Nutritious and Inexpensive College Snack #5: Beef Jerky
Not many people realize how healthy beef jerky really is.  Its not only loaded with a lot of protein, but it is pretty low in calories.  You are probably wondering why I have been focusing on protein-filled snacks.  The reason is that protein keep your energy level up.  Proteins will get slowly digested where as your body quick burns through candy.

Nutritious and Inexpensive College Snack #6: 100% Fruit Juice

Rather than drinking soda, you should drink 100% fruit juice.  Keep in mind that it does have calories, so don’t drink too much of it, but fruit juice is great for your immune system because you can get a lot of Vitamin C from juices.  And this is especially important for college students who come down with cold quite often.

Nutritious and Inexpensive College Snack #7: Dried Fruit
Eating dried fruit is not only another great way to get Vitamin C into your body, but it is easily carried around, making it a great snack.  It is difficult for college to carry around fresh fruit everyday, but storing a bag of dried fruit in you backpack can last you a while.

Nutritious and Inexpensive College Snack #8: Apples

Apples are an excellent snack because of it nutrients and vitamins.  It may be hard to carry around a couple apples, but one will easily fit into you backpack and eaten
on the run.

red apple

Nutritious and Inexpensive College Snack #9: 100 Calorie Packs
Although at first many student may think this snack is expensive, if you dive deeper you will notice that it is actually very affordable.  6 pouches come in a box for around $2.50, meaning that 1 pouch is about $0.41.  100 Calorie Packs are a lot more affordable than snacks from the vending machine and it is a lot healthier. 

Nutritious and Inexpensive College Snack #10: Bottled Water
Water is essential to keep the body hydrated and healthy.  You should always carry
around a bottle with you just in case you are thirsty during class.  Make sure to drink 8 glasses of water everyday and rather than buying small individual bottles, you should buy a large bottle to last you longer.

Bottled water

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