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Australia STUDENT LIFE Careers Student Guide for finding work in Australia


Student Guide for finding work in Australia

hospital assistantsFinding work in Australia

Most Australian schools have a career center that can provide great service for finding a job that meets your criteria. Their main service is to inform students of job openings or opportunities. Another great service that the career center provides is helping students with writing attractive applications and edit student’s resumes. Students can also find work through:

•    Job postings in newspapers
•    Employment agency
                                                       •    Government employment service

Different types of work

Most students in Australia work in the hospitality or retail industry such as restaurants, bars, or shopping malls. Typical jobs within these industries include the following:

•    Department store staffbartender pouring drinks
•    Bartender
•    Cleaner
•    Supermarket worker
•    Cinema staff
•    Retail sales

Some international students find it easy and convenient to work as a translator or language tutor.

Potential Holiday jobs

Students are limited during the semester because of course conflictions, but during the holidays students can earn some nice extra cash by working full time. A lot of international students who do not travel back to their home country for the holidays can stay and work full time.

A lot of full time jobs during the holidays include jobs within the tourism industry. Some full time jobs that students should think about getting during the holidays include the following:

•    Life-guards
•    Surf instructor
•    Ski Instructor
•  ski instructors  Ski assistant
•    Nanny at fun parks
•    Assistant at zoo’s or museums
•    Theme park attendant
•    Sales or assistant in shopping malls
•    Hotel assistant

Benefits of part-time and full time work include the following:

•    Earn extra money
•    Make new friends and connections
•    Increase your English skills
•    Become more responsible
•    Socialize with people from all walks of life
•    Increase your confidence level

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