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Australia STUDENT LIFE Health Must know Health and Safety Advice while Studying Abroad


Must know Health and Safety Advice while Studying Abroad

Students that choose to study in Australia can be happy to know that Australia provides and hosts a safe academic, living, and work environment.

Important: Health Insurance

 Australia has excellent health and medical facilities set in place for easy access for international students.

Safety First while Studying Abroad

Australian Universities health care and medical facilities have excellent multi-lingual qualified doctors that help assist and take care of any medical and health need of the students

All international students studying abroad in Australia have a health and medical insurance policy that is mandatory and is included into the cost of the program.


Health Safety

Safety Studying Abroad

Although Australia is known for being a safe destination with friendly people, it is important for every student looking to study aboard to conduct their own safety research about the prospective University and surrounding location. It is also a good idea to do a check up on any potential travel location in which you would like to explore.

For more safety information, laws, regulations, etc. please take a look into the world health organization, the Australian government, and the association of international educators.





Safety Tips

  • Emergency Contacts: You should have a list of contacts including your parents first in case of any emergency. It might be wise to carry a contact list with phone numbers when traveling in a new location for the first time. Also make sure to include representative contact information from your study abroad program. It is also important to carry with you an insurance card in case of emergency.
  • Communication Contact Information: Make sure to provide your home number, cell number, abroad address, local home address, and email to multiple people within your program and your living mate.
  • Keep Others Updated: Inform your roommates, girlfriend or boyfriend, and your parents of where and when you plan to travel and explore new locations within Australia. Keep a journal for personal enjoyment as well as a safety document. Keep your family and friends back home updated with your travels via email or phone.
  • Stay Informed with Current Events: Before heading abroad keep on top of Australia current events including issues that can affect your heath and safety. Current events to read up on could include: social climate, political elections, crime alerts, protesting, etc.

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