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Australia STUDENT LIFE Careers Landing a Job in These Tough Economic Times


Landing a Job in These Tough Economic Times

Landing a job in these tough times isn't easy. There is a lot of competition for every available job and plenty of experienced, older people who are looking for them.

Here are a few tips for how students can land a job during economic downturns:

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Be Persistent

Students need to make themselves known. Employers aren’t having to look far for qualified applicants. Avoid being a nag but do not hesitate  to call or stop in at businesses frequently to check on any available positions and to let the person who is doing the hiring know of your continued interest in employment.

Be Resourceful

The Internet is a resource for locating jobs.  Utilize every available resource. Visit online job boards, employment agencies, and post your resume. Employers who have more applicants than they need are interested in hiring good students but they’re not going to go out of their way to find you. You have to be among those students who are able to locate them.

Apply to a Lot of Companiesstudent showing her determination

You can’t be fussy during these tough times. There aren’t a lot of jobs out there and you’ll have to accept what you can find. Applying to a great number and variety of businesses will put you into the best position for being hired, even if it’s not the job you preferred. Once you’re hired, you can always keep trying to get a job at the companies you’re the most interested in.

Sell Yourself

Be neat and courteous in appearance. You’re in competition with a lot of other people for the job and you’re going to have to make a positive first impression. Wear only acceptable clothing and jewelry. Remember that you're meeting employers who will sometimes judge you on the basis of your appearance.

Your job application and resume should appear professional. Both should be neat and concise. These represent you to your potential employer and if he or she isn’t impressed, you may never get an interview.

Be Prepared

Before filling out an application make sure that you know your previous employers’ addresses and phone numbers. You should be able to complete job applications with all of the needed information. Know your academic schedule so that an employer can be assured you'll be available. The more organized you are, the better job prospect you'll be.

When going for your first interview, make sure to be on time, be confident, and smile big as first impressions are an important factor for getting a job. Follow this guide and we are sure you will be one step ahead of your competition.
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