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Cheap Stuff Every Student Needs for Freshman Year Dormitory Life

 College Dorm Room

One of the most stressful events as a freshman college student is trying figure out everything you need to pack in your suitcase or stack up in your parent car. A lot of freshmen bring too many big items that they won't have room for and leave out the smaller important necessities that they really do need. Below is a list of the important necessities that freshman should consider bringing:

Please see's top tips below!

  1. Alarm clock. When buying an alarm clock make sure it has a snooze button and also that it is going to be loud enough to wake you up every morning.
  2. Cell Phone. Today the majority of students use cell phones for all purposes. Make sure to investigate when buying a phone and service plan. Ask ten people what they have and what do they like and do not like about their cell phone provider.
  3. Laptop/Computer/Printer. Having a laptop or computer for your dorm room saves a lot of time having to go back and forth to the library. Some dorm rooms are small, so using a compact laptop might be the smartest idea. Having a printer is very useful when you don't have time to print stuff out at the school library.
  4. Back up all data. One of the scariest things to happen to a college student is having their computer or laptop brake down or stolen, losing important information that could have taken years to obtain. You need to always back up your data on a USB external drive, Floppy disk, Memory stick, etc.
  5. Music. Save time, money, and space by using an ipod for your music storage and usage. Also be considerate of your roommate when listening to music as he or she might not like the same music or find your music offensive.
  6. Flip flops for the shower. Some shower floors can be very disgusting, so it is a good idea to wear flip flops when showering.
  7. Laundry basket. Be organized and put all your dirty cloths in a laundry basket, so your roommate will not have to deal with your mess.
  8. Hygiene materials. Bring basic hygiene items such as soap, face wash, shower soap, etc.
  9. Basic linens. Long sheets, blankets, cozy pillows, bath towels, hand towels, etc.
  10. Cleaning Supplies. Windex, Cleaning rags, sponges, AJAX, mop, dust rag, broom etc.
  11. Medications/first aid. Bring everything to cure the common sickness, also bring a small first aid kit for physical wounds.
  12. School supplies. Make sure to stock up on all the college supplies prior to the start of school. Example: pen, paper, notebooks, dividers, eraser, stapler, etc.
  13. A good backpack. You want to make sure your backpack is top quality because students can hurt their back in the long run if they have a droopy backpack that puts all the weight on your lower back.

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