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William Angliss Institute

As the government “Specialist Centre for Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Arts” William Angliss Institute has been keeping people out of desk jobs for over 70 years. Established in 1940, the Institute is a government registered training organisation that has over 23,000 enrolments, including 1200 international students, each year at the main campus in Melbourne, Australia. Our expert staff work closely with industry, providing innovative training solutions to meet the needs of today’s global workforce. In our exceptional, world class facilities on campus we offer high quality vocational or degree courses in the tourism, travel, hotel management, resorts and culinary fields.

Courses at William Angliss Institute include:

william angliss hospitality

• Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management

• Bachelor of Culinary Management

• Hotel and Event Internships

• Tourism, Ecotourism and Retail Travel Sales

• Hospitality and Business

• Commercial Cookery and Patisserie

• Events

• Resort Management (Spa, Dive, Water Recreation)

• Food Science and Technology

• Confectionery Manufacturing

Looking for a dream career full of surprises? An exciting, fast paced, dynamic, challenging profession that could take you to exotic locations all around the world? Look no further than William Angliss Institute in Melbourne, Australia to develop the skills and gain the experience to realise your dreams. William Angliss Institute is Australia’s only Government endorsed specialist centre for hospitality, tourism and culinary arts, delivering courses from certificate level through to bachelor degrees. A possible career as a Hotel or Resort Manager, Restaurant Owner, Head Chef, Event Organiser, Travel Agent, Patissier or Tour Guide could be a reality if you enroll at William Angliss Institute.


 Specialist Teachers
 william angliss teacher

William Angliss Institute employs over 272 qualified, industry experienced academic staff. In addition, industry experts are called upon to provide guest lectures.
Specialist Facilities

Modern, industry standard training facilities, with the latest in educational technology include:

william angliss institute campus

• More than 60 classrooms spread over six buildings
• Computer laboratories with more than 250 computer terminals
• 12 training kitchens
• Four training bakeries
• Research and development kitchen
• Three training restaurants open to the public
• Wine Sensory Evaluation Centre
• Coffee Academy
• Travel ticketing computer reservation and information systems
• Three accommodation training units
• Three food technology laboratories and a confectionery training centre
• Hotel reservation systems


International Success with the William Angliss Institute

william angliss patisserie

There are 1,110 international students enrolled at the Melbourne campus of the William Angliss Institute (WAI). These students represent 50 countries, and there are an additional 1,000 students who participate at the four offshore joint campuses in China.

Clearly, the WAI has international appeal. In fact, the international branch of the WAI is a large factor in the WAI's total profits and re-investment strategies, creating $13 million of its total $45 million revenue.

One reason for the WAI's popularity is its customized solutions for the tourism and hospitality sector. The WAI is recognized worldwide as a leader in human resource development, providing solutions for partners at the local, national, international, and governmental levels.

Some customized solutions include:
• Relevant certification and employment programs
• Training systems for vocational goals
• Hotel preparation and stimulus
• Analysis of training needs
• Customized curriculum development
• Development of learning resources
• Tourism professional development programs
• Specialized skills auditing

The William Angliss Institute stands out with powerful professional partnerships, innovative training programs, customized solutions, and strong international connections. Add these attributes to its foolproof risk management approach and diversification strategy, and it is clear why the WAI leads in the tourism and hospitality industry.


Markus Berghofen

markus berghofen
Advanced Diploma of Hospitality (Germany) ‘What I love about my course is that we meet so many people from all over the world. You learn a lot from many different areas in hospitality and the teachers are highly skilled and friendly.’

Nadia Hermenegildo

nadia hermenegildo
Cert III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery) (Peru) ‘The course is stimulating and I really enjoy the challenge of studying in English. I get to cook almost every day and I practice a lot.’

Archan Chan

archan chan
Bachelor of Culinary Management (China) ‘My professor in Hong Kong recommended this course to me. I am passionate about culinary arts and one day I want to run my own restaurant.’


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