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Communication in Relationships-Learn to Be a Better Communicator by Improving Your Listening Skills
Do you know how some couples in a relationship do not listen to each other? One of the most important communication skills is focused listening. Read on to learn how to improve your marriage by paying better attention to what your spouse is really saying.Focused listening is an art that can be cultivated in your marriage. There is a verse in the Bible that says "be swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath" (James 1:19). If we would make that our motto, then we would be better communicators and have more satisfaction in our marriages.Picture this scene:Jane is troubled by how they are going to pay the bills that week. She is anxious to talk to Jack about his spending. She finds him watching the final quarter of an exciting ballgame.She starts talking to him about this issue. He is nodding his head, but clearly not listening. Jane becomes angry that he is not paying attention.
Some Facts About Tsunamis We have all recently been under immense shock on what has happened in some of the regions of Asia last December 26, 2004, just a day after a joyous Christmas Celebration on the paradise-like place of Phuket and on the island of Sri Lanka. It was a great tragedy with the toll of dead people reaching about 135,000 now and left many of people injured, homeless and struggling to survive.
South African History [Segregation] Government policy in the Union of South Africa did not develop in isolation, but against the backdrop of black political initiatives. Segregation and apartheid assumed their shape, in part, as a white response to Africans' increasing participation in the country's economic life and their assertion of political rights.Despite the government's efforts to shore up traditionalism and to retribalize them, black people became more fully integrated into the urban and industrial society of 20th-century South Africa than happened elsewhere on the continent.
South African History [Apartheid] After the Second World War, in 1948, the NP, with its ideology of apartheid that brought an even more rigorous and authoritarian approach than the segregationist policies of previous governments, won the general election. It did so against the background of a revival of mass militancy during the 1940s, after a period of relative quiescence in the 1930s when black groups attempted to foster unity among themselves.
South African History (The Early Inhabitants) There seems to be general agreement among scholars that humankind had its earliest origins in Africa. South Africa is rich in fossil evidence of the evolutionary history of the human family, going back several million years. From the discovery of the skull of a Taung child in 1924 to the latest discoveries of hominid fossils at Sterkfontein caves, recently declared a World Heritage Site, and the ground-breaking work done at Blombos Cave in the Southern Cape - all have put South Africa at the forefront of paleontology research into the origins of humanity.

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