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International MBA

Australia has recently become one the most favored countries to pursue an international MBA. That said, it comes as no surprise the number of international students who've arrived in Australia to further their educations to per sue a international MBA – international MBA students and their shared goal is to receive a top-notch education; and the numbers continue to rise with each new semester.

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Indeed, Australia has a lot to offer in terms of scholastic opportunities. Known for prestigious institutions such as Griffith University and Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane is undeniably the core of Queensland. It offers a big city atmosphere while never compromising its attention to detail. It's this balance many international students are drawn to.

Still, there are those who are drawn to Melbourne for its beauty and quieter pace. Many opt for the University of Melbourne's MBA program and are drawn to the beautiful campus, enriched culture and expansive library.

australia school of businessPerhaps the most well-known city throughout Australia, Sydney has its share of ideal campuses as well. Southern Cross international MBA is world-renowned and offers its students flexibility in course loads and touts a vast campus in one of the most stunning areas in Australia.

It's more than the cities that these universities call 'home'; it's the professors and other educational leaders who are dedicated to provide challenging opportunities to each student. For years, Australia has worked to lure the most talented educators, both native Aussies and international MBA professors as well. It's this determination that's allowed a collective educational system to not only thrive, but outpace many other countries.

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For those who aren't native Australians, you can be sure you're greeted with warm acceptance and you'll quickly begin to appreciate those same qualities that others have come to know and love. The culture, the people and of course, the second-to-none international MBA education you'll receive all culminate into an experience that will help shape your career and your life in its entirety. With over thirty MBA programs throughout Australia, you're sure to find the ideal University to call home and to write that first chapter that will define your own happy ending.

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