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Top 10 student gift ideas under $20

1)    Wine- The great thing about wine is unless you’re giving wine to a wine expert most people won’t know the price that you paid for the wine. This is especially true for international wines that look expensive, but can end up only costing $15 in your local supermarket.

2)    Gift certificatewine store- $20 gift certificates are a very common gift and are always a good choice. Pick out a store or restaurant that you know they like or would be interested certificate

3)    Hand crafted photo memory book- You can be as creative as you want with this one. You can also pick themes for the photo book such as memories from the year or highlights from your freshman year.

4)    Flowers- This is a winner for the girlfriend, mom, or grandmother. Single roses can be just as sexy and thoughtful as a bouquet of roses.

5)    DVD’s- A great pick for your college roommate, friend, boss, etc. If you can try and find out if the person you are giving the DVD to already has the DVD you want to give them. New releases are always a good choice.

6)    Movie tickets- Another great option for your roommate, girlfriend, or boy friend. Most people enjoy going to the movies and will like when you give them movie passes.

7)    CD’s- This is a perfect gift for all kinds of potential people. All you have to do is find out what kind of music the person likes and if they already have the CD that you want to give them. New CD releases are always a great choice if the person has not already bought the CD.

8)    Shirts- A fun idea with lots of options. You can buy the person a shirt from their favorite sports team or rock band. You can also pick out a beach or trendy shirt if they enjoy comfort or style.

9)    Books- There are thousand of books that you can pick from. Just find out what interests the person you are buying for and then take a trip to a bookstore or search online for discounted books.

10)    Candles- Simple and easy. Perfect for a co-worker, roommate, mom, or relative. Scented candles seem to be the most popular, but you can also look for cute trendy candles that are used more for decoration.
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