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Australia BOOK STORE General books Kate Morton’s The Shifting Fog ranks as an Australian Bestseller


Kate Morton’s The Shifting Fog ranks as an Australian Bestseller

Kate MoKate Mortonrton- Australian best selling author of The Shifting Fog

Kate Morton was thrilled when her first novel called The Shifting Fog become an Australian bestseller and sold in 13 countries.

"I always have considered myself as a good reader, but never thought of becoming a writer. I enjoyed Drama and English in school, but I did not think that I would have ever pursued writing for a living."

"I wrote the had plotted the book and had wrote a good amount of the book. My agent said I had to finish the book because a prospective publisher wanted to review the full copy ASAP."

 With the help of family and fiends Kate ended up writing the book within one month and had wrote over 50,000 words. I was lucky to have been able to have the support of my family and focus solely on writing and nothing else.

"I got a call saying that my book was accepted and it felt great!"

"My publisher Allen and Unwin made an offer on my second book. Things were starting to move fast. I heard that my book had been selling overseas at the Frankfurt Book Fair.The Forgotton Garden by Kate Morton"

"I was getting a lot of phone calls and was thrilled when other countries started to sell my book. I was in shock in all the attention I was getting."

The bestseller The Shifting Fog has sold to 13 countries and the second book witch has got a lot of attention as well is called, The Austhoress, and has sold in 11 countries.

"One of the coolest experiences was when I saw my book in the bookstore for the first time. It meant a lot to me and I ended having my mom take a picture of me next to my bestselling book."


"More then 20,000 books have sold in Australia and overseas sales are increasing at a steady rate. One nice thing that I look forward to is the earnings that I will get along the way."


"I have a passion for writing and will continue to write for a long time. As long as I still have stories to share with the rest of the world and my passion for writing continues, I will continue to live this amazing life of mine."
The Shifting Fog bestseller by Kate Morton

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