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Guide To Finding The Best Student Accommodation

Acommodation for international studentsPrices and availability
Prices and availability of housing will depend on the type of accommodation you seek.  For example, a lot of the more expensive types of housing are popular and you will have to book them far in advance if you want a stylish place.  The most popular type of accommodation is dormitories or university halls of residence.  These are typically really popular among students and you will have to apply for them pretty early, whereas renting an apartment or flat is quite simple and can be done once you arrive in Australia.


Boarding schools
Cost: AUD$7000–$12 000 per year
A lot of secondary schools provide boarding opportunities.  Students who partake in boarding schools are fully taken care of, meaning that meal plans, cleaning and laundry services are offered.  All school facilities and social activities are at the student’s disposal if he or she wants to get involved.  boarding fees are included in the students tuition fees.

Homestay or farmstay
Cost: AUD$150–$300 per week
If you are looking to live with an Australian family and really dive into Australia’s culture, then a homestay (in city areas) or farmstay (in rural areas) is for you. Costs vary depending on the type of room, but there are singles or shared room available and typically, meals are provided and included in the cost.  
For most secondary school students and those taking a semester of English courses, a homestay or farmstay is very popular choice.  A directory is kept at most Australian universities which provides approved and popular homestay and farmstay candidates.

University housing
Cost: AUD$50–$300 per week
It is important to apply early for university housing because these are the most popular options for students.  Prices and accommodation options vary depending on the university, so it is advisable to contact your advisor or the housing services department of the university you are going to for prices and availability.Student accommodation
University residential colleges
This is typically the most expensive type of accommodation because of the services and range of facilities you have access to.  They include:
1.    Accommodation
2.    Meals
3.    Cleaning and laundry services
4.    Support services for activities and studying

University dormitories or halls of residence
This option is extremely popular among college students because it provides a great place for interaction among neighbors.  Dormitories offer:
1.    Accommodation (with fewer facilities and services)
2.    Cafeteria
3.    Cleaning and laundry services

University apartments
Apartments can be found and rented either close to or on campus. This is a popular option among students in the later years of their Degree because it gives them the most independence and still provides the security of university-based housing.

Cost: AUD$50–$150 a week
This tends to be the cheapest form of accommodation because kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared and everyone must cook for themselves. It is available to both secondary and university students.

Rental accommodation
Cost: AUD$100–$350 a week
Many students like to live with friends and share an apartment after a year or two of living on campus.  Rental properties are typically not furnished and so students will have to provide their own furniture.  In order to rent, you will have to supply a payment of rent in advance and a security deposit, which is typically one month’s rent, to secure an apartment and begin the transaction.  You can find rental accommodation from your universities housing services department, online, in local newspapers, or advertised on student bulletin-boards.
Please note: the costs above are only a guide and not the real costs.  It is important to contact your advisor and university’s housing service department to figure out the exact costs and availability of accommodation options.
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