Learning the English Language

Last Updated on Thursday, 13 May 2010 23:32

Fluently speaking the English language opens doors around the world. Those with an excellent grasp of English are capable of pursuing travel, educational and employment opportunities in Australia and elsewhere. Millions of non-English speaking people have successfully learned English as a second language and now work, go to school or teach in their home countries or in a wide array of worldwide locations.

There are several successful methods that allow students to begin the English language learning process. The most common ways are:

1. Self-study – Using either computer software or online lessons, self-study courses are geared toward individuals who wish to study by themselves at their own pace.

2. University courses – Most major universities offer English as a Second Language courses as a prerequisite to entering college.

3. Private school programs – Private schools that specialize in teaching English use a comprehensive, intensive and individualized approach.

While the best learning method depends on a student's particular style and goals, there are some facts to keep in mind when choosing an English learning program in Australia. Below are four facts to consider:

1. Self-study is a more difficult way to learn English if the goal is to learn to speak the language well enough to study or work in an English speaking country. Non-English speakers tend to learn faster and retain their skills better when learning with other students.

2. Personalized attention has proven to be an important advantage when learning English, since skill level varies from student to student.

3. Private English language programs in Australia tend to be less expensive than university classes and have smaller class sizes. Because there are fewer students in a class, instructors have the time to work closely with each one.

4. Generally, in order to be accepted for work or school in Australia and most other English speaking countries, non-native speakers must have some type of certification to prove they have an adequate knowledge of the language. To obtain a certification, the student must pass an internationally recognized exam. A curriculum geared toward passing the IELTS and/or Cambridge exams, the two most widely accepted, is the most beneficial course of study.

Becoming fluent in English gives individuals the means to move beyond their own backyards and explore the outside world. The best private English language programs in Australia don't just teach the language, they assist students in becoming articulate English speakers who have the ability to work, learn and live well in an English speaking environment.