History and wonders of Australia

Most travelers feedback about their time spent in Australia can be summed up in one word: Amazing!

Australia is unique because it is an island continent with a population around 20 million. Australia hosts a clean, friendly and adventurous environment.

map of australia

The Ancient Egyptians wrote about a vast great land located in the south. Others might have sighted the southern continent, but the official first recording of Australia was made in 1606 by the Dutch who described the continent as a wild land.

When Britain lost territories from the American War of Independence, they set their sights on Australia. British jails were flooded and they looked to Australia in 1788 as a perfect island continent to host their penal colony.

From starting as a penal colony, Australia has emerged into a modern English speaking nation. Australia is now a multi-cultural society with a beautiful diverse landscape.

After World War II in 1945 immigration has had a huge impact on Australia with an estimated 4.2 million people migrating from around 120 countries around the world. Most of the immigrants following the war were Europeans with Mediterranean descent. These Europeans came to Australia looking for new opportunities and brought with them new foods, sports, and values which all have had an impact on today Australian culture.

Asia has been Australia main focus in recent years. Asia (Australia neighbor) is the fastest growing economic region in the world and Australia has been attracting immigrants from Asia since 1970. Now you will notice a lot of Australians that are of an Asian descent. Asia and Australia are teammates and work together in business, education, and travel.

Australia beautiful land hosts some of the most exotic animals from around the world. Some of the animals you might have seen on the Animal Planet TV show or Wildlife Magazine are included below:

· Koalas

· Kangaroos

· Alligators

· Wombats

· Kookaburras

· Cockatoos

Australia is a landscape that is made up of natural beauty and includes breathtaking features such as the following:

· Red desert sands

· Great Barrier Reef

· Tropical rain forest

· Golden sandy beaches

· Snow filled mountains

· Clear sea and sky

· Exotic animals

· Golden coastlines

After reading this article, you should have a better understanding as to why millions of people visit Australia every year and why so many people have migrated to live in Australia. All the facts show that Australia does live up to its hype and that is why the one word that describes the country best is: Amazing!