Study Options Australian Education resources for international students including; Admissions, International Education, Study English Programs, MBA, Student Life, Travel, Study in australia, and free email accounts via australia mail /international/Study-Options/ Sat, 06 May 2017 05:17:25 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb International Study Options /international/international-study-options.html /international/international-study-options.html Whether you are a resident of Australia, or an international student considering attending university there, obtaining your college education in Australia is an excellent choice. Australia has much to offer both in- and outside of the classroom, and students who choose to earn an Australian degree have chosen to obtain an education that is respected and revered around the world.

Selecting the type of diploma or degree you want to earn and the type of institution you wish to attend is an important step in planning your Australia study experience. The right educational institution for you will be one that you can afford, that is located in a setting you will enjoy, and that offers an educational atmosphere that suits your needs.

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Here are several factors you should consider when making these decisions:

1. The amount of tuition you can afford

2. Whether you are a first-time or returning student

3. Whether you prefer lively urban living, a quiet suburban lifestyle, or a rustic, small town living experience

4. Which institutions offer your preferred course of study

5. Your academic history and your probability of acceptance

6. Your learning style

7. The type of student services you need or want

8. The age group you are most comfortable communing and studying with

9. Your current level of comfort with the English language

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If you keep these things in mind while selecting the program that is right for you, you will be taking the first step down the road to a successful educational experience and future career. For example, if you are looking for affordable tuition and a shorter program solidly focused on your chosen profession, Australia’s system of Technical and Further Education (TAFE) colleges offering vocational educational and training (VET) programs may be the right choice for you. TAFE campuses can be found throughout Australia and offer numerous certificate and diploma programs that range from a few weeks for a basic certificate to two years for an advanced diploma. There are a few TAFE campuses that also offer degrees up to the bachelor level, and credits earned through a TAFE program can be put towards a degree at other Australia institutions if graduates choose to continue their education after their certificate or diploma.

If you are looking for a more traditional student experience, complete with an active on-campus life, extensive student services for both international and domestic students and exceptional teachers from around the world, one of Australia’s 39 universities is likely the right choice for you. Offering several degree levels, including undergraduate, graduate and post graduate studies resulting in bachelor, master, MBA or doctoral degrees or diplomas, Australia’s universities offer unmatched learning opportunities that receive worldwide recognition and unending possibilities for personal and professional growth.

Private programs and schools, which include English language programs, VET programs and other courses of study, are another popular option for studying in Australia, which allow for personalized attention and world-class, accredited learning.

Regardless of the type of school you select, choosing to study in Australia can be a life-changing experience that will result in a diploma or degree that is respected around the world. Studying in Australia also provides immense personal growth and increased career opportunities and earning potential.

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Australia Study Options /international/australia-study-options.html /international/australia-study-options.html Students today have many more study options than in the past. One exciting opportunity is that of studying abroad. Tertiary education in Australia has offerings in a vast selection of courses and career tracks. In addition, the language of Australia is English, the standard for many global enterprises. Australia has become a country of choice for learning English.
beautiful australia universityAlthough one might think that looking at the academic merits of a university is most important, there are many factors that should be considered when choosing a place to study. Some people are focused in one career direction at a young age and may know exactly what they want to study. For them a school which offers degrees in their field, with good job placement statistics is obvious. For others who are not so certain of their goals a university with a more of a broad educational base might be best, such as a liberal arts college.

For some students, campus life is very important. A school with dormitory living, social and sports programs may be perfect. Many Australian schools also offer farm-stay and home-stay options, where students live off campus with a family, either in a rural or town setting.

Of course, comparing the prices for the entire educational experience is important. Be sure to factor in living expenses, student fees, books, etc. as well as tuition costs. The success rate of graduates for finding jobs quickly should also be a factor in the financial equation.
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One should look carefully at the course descriptions offered for a particular program. Courses with similar names may be very different. For example, one course might focus on history or theory, while another may offer hands-on experiences, labs, or field trips. Consider whether the goal is to understand underlying truths or to learn to accomplish tasks.

It is also important to consider the academic level expected of students. Programs tracked to train college professors may not be a good fit for someone who prefers to work in the business or manufacturing sector.

Australian tertiary education has three main divisions, University, Vocational, and English Language Schools. Whether traditional studies, job training, or improving language skills is the goal, studying in Australia is a great choice. There are approximately forty tertiary schools in Australia offering a broad range of courses of study.
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Study options in Australia for overseas students /international/study-options-in-australia-for-overseas-students.html /international/study-options-in-australia-for-overseas-students.html Study in Australia.

Australia has a single national and comprehensive system of twelve qualifications, which are the basis of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). Australian federal and state governments endorse AQF qualifications, so an AQF qualification is recognized throughout Australia and by other countries.International Students


Student Studying in AustraliaAustralia has three main types of education institutions that accept enrolments from international students at tertiary level. provides special downloadable information pages on some of these institutions. Choose from state name to the left for a listing of these in each state. You may print these pages and use them as a ready reference.


Australia has 39 universities that deliver only the highest quality, mainly traditional, courses and programs. Universities have to pass stringent quality assurance tests to be authorised to use the word university in their title. The word degree is similarly protected terminology. Australian universities offer undergraduate and post graduate degree and diploma courses to international students.

Vocational Education and Training Institutions

Vocational Education and Training programs (VET) are available through private colleges and TAF E institutes. Programs available at these institutions provide students with the skills needed in many areas of employment. Australia's national qualifications framework allows graduates from VET programs to use their certificate qualifications as the first steps into further study, including diploma and degree programs.

English Language Schools and Centres

English language schools and centres in Australia provide accredited English Language courses and programs recognised by education and immigration authorities throughout the world. Students have the opportunity to learn English in a safe English-speaking environment.

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