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We have compiled the ultimate Australian language interpretation guide. Below are popular words and phrases that might not be found in a dictionary, but are commonly used by Australian natives. Study this guide before arriving to Australia and you will fit right in when you arrive.

 australia map flagAce!: Nice. Good one!

Ankle Biter: A toddler or young child. Taken from the idea the child is so small he or she could bite your ankles.

Apples (she'll be): It'll be okay.

Aussie: anyone born in Australia.

Aussie Salute: Brush away flies with the hand.

Barbie: A barbecue. (n.)
Bathers: Swimwear

Bail Out: leave, angrily. "Right, I'm gonna bail out!"

Beaut(y): Nice, lovely.

Bingle: A bad vehicle accident.

Bitzer: A mongrel dog. (it's bits of this breed, and that breed...)

Bloke: dude, male.

Bloody Oath!: That's right!, For Sure!

Bodgy: Of bad quality, second-rate.

Bonzer: Ripper, awesome!

Boomer: A large male kangaroo.

Boozer: A pub.

Cactus: Dead, used up, not working.

Cheers: Thank You.

Chunder: Puke, hurl. Also called "Liquid Laugh".

Click: kilometer.

Coldie: A beer.

Conch (conchy): A person who prefers to study or work rather than going out and having fun. Short for conscientious.

Cooee: Close. (originally used by indigineous Australians to find people or attract attention) "Within Cooee" means close, and "Not Within Cooee" means not even close.

Date: Butt, usually used with "Get off your"

Dinkum, fair Dinkum: The real deal, authentic.

Dipstick/Dropkick: really stupid.

Dole: Unemployment.

Down Under: Anywhere in Australia or New Zealand

Dux: #1 in the class (n) -- to be #1 in your class (v.)

Earbashing: Never-ending chit-chat.

Exy: Pricey (expensive)

Face, off one: drunk, intoxicated beyond recognition

Fair go: A chance. "Give 'er a fair go!"

Flick: Ditch, lose, refers to a person when you "give him the flick".

Footy/Football: Aussie Rules Football. Soccer is called Soccer and American Football is called Gridiron.
australian students socializing

G'day: Hi!

Going Off: A place that's very exciting or fun "This nightclub is really going off!"

Good on ya!: Nicely done!

Greenie: Hippie, environmentalist.

Holy Dooley!: Same as "Holy Cow", an expression of surprise.

Hooroo: Bye-bye!

Hotel: A pub.

Hottie: A hot water bottle.

Jackaroo/Jillaroo: A station manager or hand (Jackaroo refers to male, Jillaroo to female)

Jug: electric kettle. (Also 1.14L of beer.)

Kelpie: An Aussie Sheepdog. Initially bred from a Scottish collie.

knock back: Reject (n.), rejection (v.)

Lair it up: To behave badly.

Longneck, also Tallie: 750mL bottle of beer.

 Lucky Country, The: Australia!

Mate: Buddy, friend.

Mate's rate: A discounted rate for a friend.

Mickey Mouse: Very good! (in some parts though it means inconsequential)

Moolah: Cash, dough.

Nipper: A young surf lifesaver.

No Worries/ No Drama: Forget about it. It's okay.

No-Hoper: Someone who's hopeless, will never do anything right.

Ocker: a crude or unsophisticated person.

Oldies: Parents.

Outback: Australia's interior.

Oz: Australia

Piker: Disassociative.

Pint: 20 ounces/570mL of beer.

Plate, bring a: Bring your own food.

Porky: misstatement, falsehood.

Prezzy: A present.

Reckon: Certainly!

Ripper: The Best! "That ride was ripper! Can we do it again?"

Rock up: Arrive.

Root: A polite way to say a not nice word.

She'll be right: It'll be alright.

Sheila: any woman (not just one named Sheila)

Shark biscuit: An inexperienced surfer.

Shonky: Of questionable morality, shady. "This place is shonky. I don't think we should be here."

Skite: Boast, brag.

Station: A big farm or grazing property.

Sunnies: Shades.

Tall Poppies: Successful people.

Too Right!: Absolutely!

Tucker: Food.

Two Up: Gambling Game -- you spin two coins at the same time.

Ugg Boots: Sheepskin boots worn by surfers. Known for being ugly.

Uni: University.

Unit: Apartment, Flat.

Waggin' School: Truant.

Whacker: A jerk, someone you've had just about enough of.

Wobbly: Testy, easy to set off.

Woop Woop: Some small town of no significance.

Yabber: Talk (a lot)

Yakka: Work

Yewy: A U-turn in traffic.

 students taking a study break


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Studying Abroad in Australia /admissions/studying-abroad-in-australia.html /admissions/studying-abroad-in-australia.html Australia offers one of the top academic destinations to study abroad. Secondary and tertiary educational systems consist of the following:
•    High Schools
•    Senior colleges
•    Vocational Institutes
•    Universities

Summertime in Australia

The above educational systems offers summer programs for students to take courses in. Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, so first semester starts in February and ends in June. Second semester starts in July and ends in November.

Australia hosts a diverse educational institutions and students can find just about any type of desired course to study in Australia. A lot of institutions provide students with housing options on campus and off campus. Student health is covered by the student’s institution or by another agency who deals with student health insurance.

Griffith High School - Australia


Every institution should have a medical facility that student will have access to using for medical related cases.

A majority of the institutions allow students to take summer study abroad programs that include field trips, hands on studies, and other forms of educational traveling around Australia or nearby countries. The cost of the student travel is different at every institution.




Past places where students have traveled to have been New Zealand, Fiji, Gold Coast, and the Great Barrier Reef. Some unique study abroad summer programs include the following:

•    Wildlife
•    Tourism
•    Recreation
•    Conservation
•    Art

Please contact your desired institution to find out more details and cost.Cost of the time the institution will cover the cost in the tuition and fees.Students come to Australia for its variety of study programs, but also for Australia’s amazing landscape and natural beauty.

Students snorkeling in Australia
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Study Abroad: A Review of the Australian Education System /admissions/study-abroad-a-review-of-the-australian-education-system.html /admissions/study-abroad-a-review-of-the-australian-education-system.html Australia’s Education system provides more than 12,500 courses that are acknowledged internationally and are of top-notch standards. Australian tuition fees and living expenses are better than most other countries. Here are some facts:

1. Tuition of an Australian university is more affordable than in the USA, UK or Canada.

2. Australia provides a safe studying environment for international students.

International Student Square

3. The standard of living is one of the highest in the world in Australia.

4. Australia is third in the number of international students that study in its universities, behind the USA and UK. However, for many students, Australia is a primary option for studying abroad.

Because of the great lifestyle available and Australian Education’s standardized system of qualifications, it is no surprise that more than 180,000 international students decide to study in Australia each year. This fact in addition to Australia’s reputation for teaching international students, prove that the type of education you get is unparalleled.

Australia’s multicultural society allows students to expand their perspectives of the world, learn new things and travel in an English speaking country. The proximity of Asia gives Australia a unique mixture of cultures that cannot be found anywhere else. Additionally, Asia’s proximity makes it an easy travel destination if you are interested.

University Ethics book

All of Australian’s educational institutions ranging from schools to universities to training colleges are registered with the Australian Government in order to meet certain educational conditions. This is to ensure that all courses are being taught at the highest of standards in both ethics and quality.

The school curriculum's focus not only on the understanding concepts and theories, but also on their applications to the real world. Students will be challenged to analyze various viewpoints and arguments, collect and examine data, come up with their own arguments and be able to support them with examples and discuss them with students and teachers. Students are going to be challenged to be more active in learning rather than passively listening. If students fall behind or need help with their study skills, most institutions have counseling and tutoring services.

Tracking a student’s progress is different for each institution. To do your best, students should have a good grasp on how they will be assessed prior to applying for a certain university.

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