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 The Great Ocean Road Australian Student Road Trip

Victorias Great Ocean Road

Victoria’s world-renowned Great Ocean Road student road trip begins in the coastal town of Torquay, about 90 kilometers southwest of Melbourne. This southern coastline excursion is 243 kilometers from Torquay to Allansford, but there’s no need to pack the drive into a single day.

Along the way, you’ll find mountain cliffs, unpopulated beachfronts, rainforest vegetation, river estuaries, and outside of Apollo Bay in the Port Campbell National Park region, an off-shore rock formation known as the Twelve Apostles.

 The Matilda Highway Australian Student Road Trip

The Matilda Highway

The main route through Queensland’s Outback, the Matilda Highway drive runs north-south almost the entire length of Queensland, between Karumba on the Gulf of Carpentaria and Cunnamulla at the New South Wales border. The 1,812-kilometer route traverses vast plains, rocky ridges, small towns and unspoiled wildlife habitats.

Must-do stops on your Maltida Highway student road trip include the Cosmos Centre and Observatory in Charleville, Australia’s last remaining steam-powered wool washing plant in Blackall, the Quantas Airline Founders’ Outback Museum in Longreach and the Waltzing Matilda Museum in Winton.

 The Pacific Coast Australian Student Road Trip

Australia’s Highway 1

Between Sydney and Brisbane, most of this 940-kilometer student road trip on the Pacific Highway, Australia’s Highway 1, unfolds in New South Wales before it winds up in Queensland. You’ll deviate off the coastline occasionally, but it will be worth it.

Notable inland stops include wine country in Hunter Valley, where you can visit one of the region’s 120 wineries, and Ellenborough Falls, past the town of Wingham, where you can view the southern hemisphere’s tallest single-drop waterfall. Along the coast, endless beaches and water fun await sun-worshipping students. Swim, surf, take a guided fishing or whale-watching sea tour, explore sand dunes in a dune buggy or on a camel’s back, and enjoy fresh seafood at countless waterside restaurants.

 The Eyre Highway Australian Student Road Trip

Eyre Highway Australia

For a truly ambitious student road tripper, the drive from Adelaide to Perth via the Eyre Highway stretches approximately 2,700 kilometers across both South and Western Australia, along the southern edge of the flat and arid Nullarbar Plain. Fortunately, Eyre Highway is a straight shot, with few opportunities to get lost.

The Eyre Highway road trip will take you through many unpopulated areas; there are few tourist attractions along the route, so the drive may appeal to students who desire a true, stress-free escape from city lights and university stresses. Watch out for wild kangaroos crossing your path, and be sure to stock up on food, water and petrol at the small towns you’ll visit along the way.

It’s not the destination but the journey -- literally -- that makes for a memorable road trip. Be sure to map out your journey prior to your departure, obey all the rules of the road and allow for extra time in case you encounter bad weather or find an especially interesting stop during your travels. You’ll make memories that will last a lifetime, and your Australian road trip may turn out to be the most unforgettable out-of-the-classroom experience you’ll have during your university years.

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Top Outdoor Activities in Australia /Travel/top-outdoor-activities-in-australia.html /Travel/top-outdoor-activities-in-australia.html Fishing for Marlin in AustraliaOutdoor sports in Australia are considered a paradise for a lot of local residents and visitors. People link surfing when they think about Australia, but most don’t even know that Australia hosts great Ski conditions in the Snowy Mountains during the winter months. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has some of the best scuba diving in the world. Other amazing outdoors activities and qualities include the following:
•    Scenic hiking
•    Biking
•    Fishing
•    Tropical rain forests
•    Desert outback
•    Rugged mountains
•    Warm water
•    Sandy beaches

Adventure sports:

•    Sea kayaking in Queensland or Western Australia
•    White water rafting in the Tully River
•    Four-wheel driving along the coastal beaches or desert outback
•    Skiing in the Victorian Alps


Australia is known for its amazing beautiful beaches. Top beaches in Australia include the following:

•    Mission Beach
•    Surfers ParadiseHiking in Australia
•    Four Mile Beach
•    Cottesloe Beach
•    Broome’s Cable Beach


Hiking known as bushwalking to Australian locals is a great way to explore Australia’s natural beauty. If you are in Sydney check out the Blue Mountains. About 90 minutes from the Gold Coast is Lamington National Park. For advanced hikers there is a popular 155 mile Larapinta trail that goes though the desert of the outback. Whitsunday is known for its tropical rain forest hiking trails, while Kakadu has the most variety of natural environments to hike though.

Snorkeling and scuba diving:Snorkeling Around Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is some of the world’s best snorkeling and scuba diving. Also the 74 Whitsunday Island located near the Outer Reef host diverse and colorful coral gardens. Both destinations have some of the most exotic species of marine life.

Other cool destinations worth the trip is the Coral Sea’s Predator’s Playground where you can see sharks feeding.  Close by is Yongala shipwreck. A well known premier diving destination is Heron Island. Australia has many amazing spots with clear water and a range of unique marine life.





Australia has some of the best surfing conditions in the world and is a perfect place to learn if you have never tried. Just about any beach is a good place to charge small to medium sized waves.

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Dining and Shopping in Australia /Travel/dining-and-shopping-in-australia.html /Travel/dining-and-shopping-in-australia.html Main Street Restaurants in Australia
Australia’s wonderfully warm climate and multicultural background, sets it up to have an attractive dining scene.  Tourists will notice a great selection of bustling restaurants in every major city, ranging from barbecues to gourmet cuisines.  Asian restaurants are extremely popular in Australia, and thanks to its vast coastline, seafood is common dish.
It is Australian tradition to be very relaxed and casual, and this can definitely be seen in its dining scene.  Because of the country’s warm climate, outdoor dining found pretty much anywhere you go.  If you are willing to experiment a bit, try some of the bush tucker, which is food from the outback.  Additionally, kangaroo meat has become a favorite dish as well as emu.  Australia is one of the only places where you will find these exotic foods made in many different styles.  There are many other dishes that you may think about trying if you want to have something new.  Try the shellfish called Moreton Bay bugs, the freshwater fish barramundi and Sydney rock oysters.

Nothing will top off you meal better than one of Australia’s fine wines.  Barossa Valley is the largest grape growing region; however, you will find that the popular red and white wines come from vineyards outside Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Hobart.  Interestingly there are some restaurants that have a BYO policy.  This basically allows guests to bring their own wine and drink it in the restaurant.  Although it is not common to tip your waiter as it is in North America or Europe, keep in mind that about 10 per cent tip is standard.

Fine Dining in Australia

Although not well known for its native handcrafts, Australia does have some great souvenirs that are worth taking home.  Other than its great wines, some which are exclusively sold in Australia, the country produces good quality wool and sheepskin products.  Native artifacts like didgeridoos and boomerangs are great presents for family back home.

Those interested in artwork should consider visiting some of the marvelous indigenous artwork that is created by the aboriginals.  Their artwork is becoming one of the best styles in the international art world.  An important thing to remember is the make sure that the artwork is authentic, before you purchase it.

Other fascinating things to purchase that are native to Australia are opals and pearls.  Coober Pedy is a mining town in the south of Australia that produces some of the best opals at great prices.  And the town of Broome, located in Western Australia, is famous for its pearl diving.  If you want to go traditional, you can easily find the typical Australian style souvenirs of necklaces and accessories featuring kangaroos, koalas, and such.

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Calling all surfers: Surfers’ paradise in Australia /Travel/calling-al-lsurfers-surfers-paradise-in-australia.html /Travel/calling-al-lsurfers-surfers-paradise-in-australia.html If you love to surf, then you have to visit Byron Bay, which is surfers’ paradise in Australia.  Surfing is not just a hobby or sport for those living at Bryon Bay, but a lifestyle and local passion.

The great weather all year round and its fascinating beaches make Byron Bay a destination that fosters a relaxing, easy-going lifestyle.  You can even become part of the “alternative” community which is full of creative people such as writers, artists, filmmakers and producers.

Byron Bay AustraliaYou will find Byron Bay at the North Coast of New South Wales in Australia.  It has four main beaches:

1.    Byron Main is the most renown of the four beaches.  Beginner surfers will have a blast here because its smaller waves usually break close to the shore and it has non-stop breaks.  It is also a great place for swimming.

 2.    The Pass is south of Byron Main and it is the next most popular beach.  It is a popular spot for longer boarders who flock to the beach in the summertime to catch some waves.


3.    Watego Beach is somewhat hidden and therefore it is perfect for surfers who want to get away from the mob of people in the summer.  The waves at Watego Beach are the most challenging and therefore this is where the more advanced surfers love to go to see where they stand.Waves in Australia


4.    Tallow’s Beach is the most secluded of the four beaches.  Tourists have not yet ventured to this area partially because it can only be seen from Byron Bay’s headland.  The locals love Tallow’s Beach but you will typically not see any others hanging out there.

Besides surfing, Byron Bay is very popular for scuba diving.  If you have never tried it, you should consider taking lessons from the cities professionally trained staff.  Here you may also be lucky enough to see a whale or family of whales pass by.  In the evenings, dolphins show up and have fun, even swimming next to and with people on many occasions.

If you are looking for a great place to dine on Byron Bay, you have to check out Fins.  There you will find the freshest seafood anywhere and a wine list that will impress connoisseurs.  Fins is one of Australia’s top restaurants.
Surfing with Dolphins in Byron Bay

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