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The way students dress can differ from campus to campus, but for the most part Australian students wear comfortable clothing that goes with the warm, laid back atmosphere around campus. Although some students buy expensive clothes and dress like theyre going to a fashion show, most students prefer to spend their money on traveling or other forms of entertainment. Below is a list of helpful college fashion tips that can save you time and money:

College girls looking for good deals shopping for clothes.


1. Wear comfortable clothing. You might be ok with wearing tight, fashionable clothing, but on days where you have a big test or little time to dress up, it is important to have comfortable clothes where you can put on and look good within 10 min. Some of these comfortable clothes are listed below:

· Sweats

· Jeans

· T-shirts

· Hats

· Shorts

2. Comfortable shoes and sandals. Remember that you will be doing a lot of walking throughout your college campus. It is vital to have comfortable walking shoes. A lot of students in Australia where sandals to class. You can put those cute heels on when you go out on the weekend.

3. Wear low maintenance clothes. Time is at a premium in college. If it needs hand washing, don't bring it. Heck, if it needs ironing, don't bring it. You will waste a lot of time if you are always hand washing or ironing your nice clothes. You can buy cute clothes that you don't have to spend as much time or maintaence on.

4. Bring weather appropriate clothes. Bring clothes that fit Australia's weather. During the winter, it does get cold, so bring a coat, gloves, sweatshirt, etc. The last thing you want to do is get sick and miss class. Most of the year Australia stays pretty warm and a lot of students dress like they are going to the beach, wearing sandals, T-shirts, and shorts.

5. Showing off your assets. Some girls come to class wearing little clothing, showing off their biggest physical assets. If you want to be taken seriously in the classroom and by your peers, do not dress in baby clothing. There are ways to dress sexy without having to show tons of skin. A little skin is okay but it is good to leave the rest up for imagination for the guys checking you out.

6. Discover cute clothes cheaply. If your parents are not rich and you can't afford new clothes on a monthly basis, you need to find clothes that are within your budget. A lot of the Australian Universities have close by thrift shops or cheap clothing stores. You can also find cheap new and used clothes online at sites like eBay.


Dress professional for college

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