Student Life in Australia

Australia is an amazing place for students to study and is one of the top desired places to study aboard. Below are students sharing with us what it is like to be a student in Australia.

During the week, most students have class Monday though Friday. If you have a light schedule some students like to go to the white sandy beaches before or after class depending on their class times.


Student Life


On the weekends, party goers like to shake things up a little by going to one of Australia large Australian students socializing on campusduplex nightclubs. Make sure to take a cab back home if you are going to drink. Australia does not allow drinking and driving and you can get a heavy fine if you get caught.

On Sunday, a lot of students like to relax at the beach. Sunday is also a day where students prepare for the upcoming week. Completing homework or working on projects is a smart idea to tackle on Sundays so you don't fall behind on you school work.

If you enjoy the outdoors, Australia has plenty to offer such as rock climbing, biking, trail adventures, scuba diving, fishing, and skiing during the winter.

There are a few options for eating meals on a daily basis. Some students like to pay for cafeteria food located on campus where it is easily convenient before or after classes. Other students like to cook at home and pick up groceries at a nearby supermarket.

If students want a change from caferiea food or don't have time to cook, eating out is always an option. There is usually a lot of fast food restaurants near our Australian campuses.

International students enjoying the holidays