Tuition and Fees for international students

Cost of education in Australia - International Student

The cost for students wanting to study in Australia depends on what level of education the student is pursuing. Overall living expenses and tuition cost in Australia are lower then cost of studying in the USA or UK.

The tuition cost listed below is not the actual cost. It is listed as an overall average range of tuition cost. Please contact your prospective school directly for a more in depth student cost estimate. Costs can also vary depending on the course or program.

AUD College Money


The cost listed below could show an increase or decrease in regards to the following student services and facilities:Australian Money



The basic study fees are outlined below – fees are listed in Australia Dollars (AUD$): Please note that the following fees are for illustration purposes and should be taken as a guide only.

The average range of tuition cost for different programs and levels of study are listed below in the Australian dollar (AUD). To convert your country currency to the Australian dollar, please use our currency converter.



Foundation Studies
$A8,000-$A12,000 a year
Example: Preparatory Courses

Bachelor Degree in the following courses: Arts, Business, Economics and Law, Laboratory-based $A9,000- $A15,000

Bachelor Degree in the following courses: Science and Engineering $A12,000- $A17,000

Graduate Certificate, Masters
$A10,000- $A15,000

Tier II Schools

Schools that are primary and junior secondary schools

English Language Education

Can depend on the course duration and the type of institution




Break down of College Costs