Is a Australian MBA worth the long term cost?

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Brad Stevenson who graduated with an MBA from the Geck School of Management in 2005 explains what he got out of his MBA.

A lot of prospective MBA students look at getting an MBA to increase their yearly income and base their decision on a cost/benefit situation, but for me an MBA gave me a nice career break after 12 years at work and a opportunity to go back and learn some new fundamental skills like the following:




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     · Communicating effectively

  · Filtering ideas

  · Organizing

  · Negotiating

  · Persuading other people

  · Maximizing time

I have earned more money by obtaining an MBA, but I have to say it didn't just come from my MBA degree. Before, I was a Maniacal engineer who got a promotion to move up to management. The only problem was that I had no experience in management.
My MBA gave me the essential tools and skills to work in a management position. Now I have obtained a new job at a larger company managing four times the amount of employees.

The MBA gave Stevenson the right confidence to manage at a much larger level then compared to his previous job.

When I started my new job after obtaining my MBA, the company that hired me was restructuring the business and was going though major changes. Coming out of MBA School, I brought energy and new ideas for my company to consider. I brought in consultants and since I knew how to speak their language, we were on the same page and dealt with the issues on hand.

Mr. Stevenson wants to tell future MBAs to have an open mind about MBA school and know that you will have a range of useful experiences throughout your MBA classes.

One might think that MBA school includes some of the following like learning new skills and enhancing your knowledge of your studied field, but some might not realize that MBA school can challenge the way you think.

I learned models such as the Foundations of Management Thought, Philosophy Thinking Strategies, and Psychology Applied to Managerial Skills. You will face challenging assumptions about yourselves and others that for me concluded in a positive life changing experience.

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